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Blood Brothers II Chapter 17

(A/N: My first update since my computer killed itself. In case none of you knew why this chapter is so late, it's because I had to get the hard drive replaced on my computer and I lost all that I had planned for thischapter and had to wait three weeks for my computer to get fixed. But I've finally rewritten what I lost so...Please enjoy. :D)

Title: Blood Brothers II
Pairing: KyuTeukChul, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, SiChulfriendship, MiMin
Rating: M
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, action, thriller
Summary: The cycle of revenge is never-ending, unless someone learns to forgive.

chapter 16 < -- > chapter 18


Yesung hadn’t shown up for several days.

He shouldn’t care, he really shouldn’t. That’s what Ryeowook told himself anyway. There was no point in feeling lonely when he’d pushed the man away himself—and for good reason, he’d been tricked and lied to and betrayed and there was no reason to want Yesung back.

At all.

Ryeowook closed his eyes, trying to fight an oncoming headache as he stared at his computer screen. Work had seemed much more complicated and energy-draining after Yesung had confessed ‘the truth’ to him. He wanted to blame it on the fact that he was emotional a wreck from the ordeal but he knew that was only half of it.

Yesung had always made everything seem easier.

He reached for his phone and found a familiar number, pressing the button and listening to the dial tone before someone picked up.

“Honey? What is it?” His mother sounded worried, her voice a soft whisper. “Is everything alright?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“You never call at this time. You’re always working. Are you ok?”

Ryeowook paused, and gave a small laugh that he hope made him sound content. “Of course. I just wanted to check up on dad, that’s all.”

“Oh. Oh, ok.” The relief in his mother’s voice was obvious. “He’s doing better. The treatment is working, he seems in less pain.”

Ryeowook sagged in his chair, “That’s…that’s good.”

“Your father has been doing much better ever since Jongwoon-ssi started visiting him regularly.”

Ryeowook stilled, “E-excuse me?”

“Jongwoon-ssi, your friend, he’s been visiting every week. He’s such a sweet boy, Wookie. He heard that your father’s been missing out on the games and managed to get him a radio and headphones so he can listen to them.”

Ryeowook was only have listening to what his mother was saying. Jongwoon—Yesung—was visiting his father? Had been visiting his father? It didn’t make any sense. Why? Why would he do that after Ryeowook had yelled at him? It wasn’t like he would gain anything by helping Ryeowook’s parents and getting them on his good side.

That wouldn’t aid him at all in helping Kim Heechul.

A part of him wanted to believe that it meant Yesung was telling the truth, that he was no longer working with Kim Heechul. That he was sorry.

But the stubborn, analytical part refused—and maybe a little of the emotional part too. He felt betrayed and he wanted to continue wallowing in that betrayal for a while.

“Wookie? Wookie are you there?”

Ryeowook blinked, remembering that he’d been on the phone with his mother. “Ah, sorry.” He managed to croak out, reaching for his cup of coffee to wet his dry throat. “Yeah, yeah I’m here. I was looking over a file.”

“Oh, I don’t want to keep you if you’re busy.” His mother began, “You need to work and—oh! Jongwoon-ssi! You’re here!”

There. Yesung was there.

Before Ryeowook even consciously knew what he was doing he’d hung up his phone and began heading for the door.


It took a few moments for Zhou Mi’s words to sink in. Leeteuk stared at him, as if not comprehending it all. Kyuhyun was trembling—Leeteuk wasn’t sure if it was from tears or fury and he wasn’t focused on it.

So it was true. He had a lover. That man…Heechul didn’t need them. He never had. He’d never loved them at all, had he?

No, that couldn’t be it. That was a lie. Heechul had to feel something for them. He’d saved Kyuhyun. He hadn’t killed them. He hadn’t even killed their fathers for everything they’d done to him.

But was that because he was Kyuhyun’s hyung? Was it some lingering, brotherly affection that he held for them all, not love?

Leeteuk had to know.

He leapt up and began heading back down the hall toward Heechul’s hospital room.

“Jungsu!” Kangin growled out, “Dammit!” He charged after him. Kyuhyun had shot Zhou Mi a scathing glare before following with Siwon.

Sungmin made to go after them but stopped, pausing halfway out of the small lounge. “…we should talk.”

 “Why did you want to talk to me?” Zhou Mi leaned against the wall, eyeing Sungmin warily. He didn’t seem too worried that the others had just run to find Heechul. He must have known something that Sungmin and the others did not. It wouldn’t surprise him. The man always seemed to be scheming something.

“We both want Kim Heechul to no longer associate with Kyuhyun and Jungsu-ssi.”

“Agreed.” Zhou Mi nodded, “But I thought we already established that. You’re the one that came to China in search of him.”

Sungmin took a step forward. “But we both want them to be happy, too.”

“Well not all of them.” Zhou Mi answered offhandedly. “I’m not too worried about Kyuhyun-ssi and Jungsu-ssi’s happiness.”

Sungmin chose not to respond to that. Instead he continued with his point. “Our wants seem to coincide.”

Something flickered in Zhou Mi’s eyes. “Oh?” He pushed off of the wall and took a few steps toward Sungmin. “And what might those wants be?”

Sungmin’s mouth was dry, and his heart was slamming against his ribcage with the force of the beats. “I…I already went over that.”

The taller man was looming over him now, smiling softly. “Is that all you want?”

Aside from throwing you against the wall and fucking you senseless? Yes, yes that’s about it. Sungmin swallowed.

Zhou Mi’s visage changed, no longer teasing and sultry. “Don’t let Kyuhyun near my Xi Che ge. This ends here. If it continues further, I can’t assure the safety of your ward or traveling companions.” The threat was real, and effortlessly delivered.

Zhou Mi reached out a hand, and then stopped himself, as if unsure of what he was planning to do with it before stuffing it in his jean’s pocket and turning. “Good bye, Sungmin-ssi.”

Sungmin grabbed his arm and whirled him around, and his fist connected with Zhou Mi’s jaw. Zhou Mi stumbled backwards a few feet before he reacted, kicking one of Sungmin’s legs out from under him.

Sungmin went down, catching himself and rolling to the side to avoid another blow. He leaned back on his heels in a crouched position before standing fully, still wary.

Zhou Mi wiped the blood from the corner of his lip and glared, “What was that for?”

“This isn’t ending like this.”

Something glittered in Zhou Mi’s eyes. “Oh? Is that so?” Good, that was what he’d been looking forward to.

Sungmin wasn’t nearly as interesting when he wasn’t trying to kill him.


“I’ll drive, you shouldn’t after that head wound.”

Heechul scoffed, “I don’t have a concussion,” but he let Hangeng do what he wanted. “Where’s Zhou Mi?”

It was odd hearing Heechul call Zhou Mi by his real name. It had always been Seasonings until they’d come back from Korea. The awkwardness was still there and Hangeng wondered if he’d ever get used to it.

“He said he needed to do something and to go ahead without him.” Hangeng answered, leading Heechul out of the sliding glass doors at the hospital entrance and down the stairs. “He’ll probably take a taxi to the university to pick up your car.”

Heechul nodded, “I’ll call him and ask him to pick up my essays later. I haven’t finished grading them.”

Hangeng shook his head and sent him an exasperated look, “All you should do tonight is rest.”

Heechul opened his mouth to retort when someone shouted his name from behind him.


He recognized the voice, and he couldn’t help but turn as he watched Leeteuk burst out of the hospital front doors, Kangin, Kyuhyun, and Siwon right behind him. He didn’t want to look back, but his body had moved of its own accord.

He’d hoped that he’d be able to slip out of the hospital and never see them again.

Leeteuk’s eyes were swimming with confusion and betrayal. It was a look that Heechul had seen before, the day he’d almost killed Leeteuk’s father. He swallowed, unsure of what to do. He knew what he should do. He should turn around and never look back.

Or maybe, what he should really do is run up to him and kiss him sensless.

Hangeng’s fingers wrapped around his arm, a comforting presence. Heechul snapped out of his momentary paralysis and swallowed.

 “Tell me the truth! Heechul!”

His voice sounded so desperate and Heechul knew that Leeteuk was close to breaking. This was it, the moment where Leeteuk would finally hate him. He knew that whatever he chose now would change everything.

This was the clean break he’d been hoping for, right?

“Let’s go.” He whispered to Hangeng, and as he turned, he knew that Leeteuk would never come looking for him again. It wasn’t like Kyuhyun, who wanted revenge. Leeteuk would simply break, never be the same. He’d leave and Heechul would never hear from him again.

Heechul hoped that he took Kyuhyun with him. It would make everything so much easier.


Kangin didn’t know how he’d gotten them all into a car. Sungmin had left to go talk with Director Gam—Zhou Mi, right, Zhou fucking Mi—and so it had been up to Kangin to herd the two dumbstruck men into their car to drive home. Siwon had tried to help but he’d seemed distracted himself, quiet and deep in thought.

Kyuhyun was angry, furious. He’d tried to run after Heechul when he and his lover Hangeng had turned away and begun walking to their car. Siwon had grabbed him, pulling him toward where Kangin had already begun leading Leeteuk to their own vehicle.

Kyuhyun had cursed the entire way, threatened and yelled and promised retribution. Kangin knew very well that he wanted to cry and was hiding it with his curses. Heechul had walked away from him again, without a second thought.

Whatever it was that Siwon thought, it was wrong. Heechul obviously didn’t love Leeteuk or Kyuhyun. Coming to Hong Kong had been a mistake. Kangin had been stupid enough to believe he could force Heechul to make Leeteuk happy and all this escapade had shown was that it was hopeless.

“It’s done.” Kangin finally said, as he started the engine. “Let’s go back to Seoul.”

Neither Kyuhyun nor Leeteuk said anything. Kyuhyun looked angry and confused, hurt.

Leeteuk looked lost and broken.

Siwon swallowed, unsure of what to do. He felt like this was a mistake. Heechul loved Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. Siwon knew it, he’d heard Heechul say it with his own mouth. He was just afraid to say anything. Siwon knew, he couldn’t let this happen; he couldn’t let them end like this.

But he didn’t know what to say.

Heechul hadn’t helped at all. Why did he have to be so stupid? Why did he have to believe that it was better if they never met again? He was their hyung…Siwon couldn’t let his hyungs and dongsaeng end on this note, not when all three of them were so much in love.

He wouldn’t. He couldn’t.

He was going to visit the University the next morning and find out Heechul’s address. Then he was going to get some answers.


The moment that they arrived at the apartment, Heechul escaped to the solitude of his office under the pretense of planning his next lecture. Hangeng looked a little uncertain about leaving him alone but Heechul had already scooped up Baengshin and had shut the door—not locked, never locked, it was a rule in their house—before Hangeng could protest.

Heechul let out a soft sigh and slumped down into his desk chair, holding Baengshin close to his chest. The cat let out a small mewl as he tried to wriggle free, not liking the confined space. Heechul loosened his grip and Baengshin hopped off his lap, settling around his feet.

Heechul reached under his shirt collar and pulled out the necklace that Leeteuk had given him, staring down at the glistening pearl.

He smiled wryly to himself. How stupid, to think it would end like this and have no further thoughts on the matter. As if he could flip a switch and all those feelings would be gone. The feelings were too strong—and were underlined by even stronger ones, ones that made it impossible to just forget Leeteuk and Kyuhyun.

But he’d try. It would be better for all of them if he did.

He hated them, didn't he? He couldn't love them. If he did, he'd be betraying what he'd spent his entire life striving for. He couldn't let that hatred go, it seemed. His pride wouldn't allow it.

It wasn’t like the two would want to see him ever again anyway. Not after he’d walked away from them at the hospital.

He reached for his phone, hoping to type a simple text to Siwon: Sorry about all this, Wonnie. Hope to see you again some time. But they both knew he would probably never contact Siwon again. He flipped open his phone to type the message anyway and noticed that the battery was dead.

Well, he hadn’t charged it since getting it from his secretary so he wasn’t surprised. He reached into the bag she’d left him and pulled out the extra battery, too lazy to simply charge the old one for now. He slipped it in and turned on the phone and was shocked at the number of missed calls he had.

They were all from Donghae.

Heechul froze, a horrible feeling beginning in the pit of his stomach and traveling up his chest, making it hard to breathe. Donghae…what was wrong with Donghae? What had happened? His mind began whirling, trying to think of a scenario for that many calls. He could only come up with bad ones and it was with trembling hands that he opened his voicemail.

“Hyung! I don’t know what to do! Henli thinks that Hangeng hyung sh-shot you. We’re on our way to Hong Kong right now. We’ll be there in an hour. I couldn’t stop him!”

Heechul almost dropped his phone.

“H-hyung, when you get this message, please please please call! I don’t know what Henli is going to do!”

Henry knew…Henry was coming, they were probably already in China by now! He had to stop this before something bad happened…before it was all ruined. He and Hangeng were good now, they were finally comfortable again and Heechul couldn’t let something like this break that fragile balance.

He couldn't let his family fall apart anymore than it already had.

He had already grabbed his coat by the time his phone rang. He picked it up hurriedly after recognizing the caller ID.

“I was just about to call you. Where are you?”


Eunhyuk had not expected his first visit to China to be quite like this. He’d always assumed he’d visit as a tourist, not as a man trying to find out why his friend’s brother had shot his other brother. It was all very confusing to him still since no one had told him exactly what was going on anyway. He simply followed obediently behind Donghae with their suitcases.

Donghae was too worried about keeping up with Henry and calming him down to even call Heechul. He’d tried one more time after landing in Hong Kong but he’d gotten no answer so he’d stopping trying and had focused on keeping Henry out of trouble.

He felt like he was fighting a losing battle.

Henry was much too focused on the task at hand to pay attention to either of the Korean men following him. He’d spend the entire flight trying to make sense of what he’d seen on the video recording and wondering why he was there.

He’d think about it and realize that it was his brother, his brother, and he would never do anything to hurt Heechul. It was ludicrous to think otherwise. Halfway through the flight he’d almost convinced himself to go back to Korea as soon as their plane landed.

But then he remembered the blood pouring out of Heechul gege’s chest, the light flickering in his eyes as he fell, and Hangeng pulling down his baseball cap on the grainy film. When this happened, he couldn’t think straight. Everything was confusing and a rush of emotions. Any time he tried to think and sort it all out he only got more confused/

So he blocked it out and just went by instinct. Instinct told him to get answers, and the only way he could to that was to find his Hangeng gege.

He stepped up to the curb and hailed a taxi, his cute face unusually stoic. “Let’s go.”


The taxi smelled like booze and cheap perfume and the overpowering smell made Heechul’s head hurt more than it had before, which was saying something. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on something besides the throbbing pain as he leaned back against the seat and felt the taxi turning a sharp corner.

He was really regretting taking the taxi, but how else was he going to get where he needed to go? Besides, he’d promised Hangeng.

Heechul paused at the door when Hangeng walked out of the bedroom, “Where are you going?” His voice was panicked, worried.

Heechul hoped that his cheeks had retained a little color and that he didn’t look as scared as he felt. He hid his own panic with a smirk. “It’s fine. I’m just going to pick something up at the drugstore.”

“Heechul…” Hangeng was still hesitant.

“It’s Xi Che.” Heechul corrected in a soft murmur, before giving a dry smile. “And don’t worry, I’m not doing anything stupid. I’ll be back in twenty minutes tops. I’m not driving. I already called a taxi, mother.”

Hangeng nodded slowly. “…alright…”

He knew that the only reason Hangeng had let him go was because he was too scared of angering Heechul at the moment. He was still hurting over Heechul’s rejection. He knew that usually it would have been impossible for Hangeng to leave his side or let him go anywhere—especially after what had happened earlier that day—but he knew Heechul needed space and he knew it was dangerous to push.

Heechul was grateful for that. This wasn't something Hangeng could deal with.

The taxi pulled to a stop a few moments later and Heechul blinked slowly before pulling out a wad of cash and handing it to the taxi driver. “Keep it running for me, I don’t mind the cost. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The taxi driver sent him a skeptical look but nodded as Heechul opened the door and stepped out into the night. The street was relatively empty, but not completely abandoned. A bar a few building’s down was lively and busy and people were stumbling out of it and laughing. The sound was swallowed up by the darkness and the soft thrum of the taxi’s engine.

Heechul looked around before heading toward another building a bit further down the block. He turned the corner and the street was empty. He eyed a flickering streetlight warily before reaching for his cell phone.

He quickly dialed a number and waited for the other end to pick up.


“Ya, I’m here, where are you—” He was cut off as a cloth was placed over his mouth and he was pulled against a strong, sturdy body. The smell of chloroform filled his nose and his vision began blurring, even as he struggled. He knew he got a good hit in, at least, as he heard his attacker let out a grunt of pain.

He’d broken a rib, surely.

But that was the last struggling movement he made as his body slumped back against his attacker and his eyes began to close. His last thought was that he really should have seen this coming.


(A/N: the next chapter is the last one! It will be extra long, and of course there will be an epilogue. Look forward to it. :D)

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