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Blood Brothers II Chapter 16

(A/N: This chapter is dedicated to all of us who are sitting in front of our computers reading fanfiction rather than in LA for SM Town Live. May we all wallow in depression together...)

: Blood Brothers II
Pairing: KyuTeukChul, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, SiChulfriendship, MiMin
Rating: M
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, action, thriller
Summary: The cycle of revenge is never-ending, unless someone learns to forgive.

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It was early morning when everyone stumbled out of their respective rooms in the hotel suite. Leeteuk had stayed with Siwon since Kyuhyun had locked himself in his room the night before after the argument and hadn’t come out.

Everyone else—minus Kyuhyun—was sitting in the small lounge and wondering what to do next. Siwon had been unable to get the phone out of Leeteuk’s sight. When they’d gone to sleep, Leeteuk had held it in a death grip and he was a light sleeper, so Siwon knew that he wouldn’t be able to get it back without waking him up, and that would only cause more problems.

So now Leeteuk was staring down at the phone, running his thumb over the screen and playing with the cat charm.

Siwon shifted uncomfortably. He’d spent most of the night—besides the time he’d spent trying to come up with a plan to get Heechul’s cell phone charm back—trying to decide whether or not he was going to tell everyone that he knew Heechul.

From Kyuhyun’s outburst the night before, Siwon knew that it would take something large to get Kyuhyun to sit down and evaluate his feelings for Heechul and whether his hatred outweighed his love or vice versa.

He let out a soft sigh, heading toward Kyuhyun’s locked door. He knocked a few times, and everyone else glanced up at him before going back to their breakfast. There was no response from inside, so Siwon simply leaned against Kyuhyun’s door and slid down until he hit the floor.

He threw his head back, letting the back of it rest comfortably against the wood. “Kyuhyun-ah…” He began, “I haven’t been truthful with everyone either.”

The others looked up from where they’d been eating their breakfast in the adjoining lounge.

“You all know that I’m the one that did the surgery on Heechul hyung to keep him alive.” He could hear Kyuhyun shifting on the bed in the other room, awake. “When we came to China, I had a lecture at the university…I went to check out the place and learned that Heechul hyung was an English professor there.”

Everyone froze. Leeteuk’s glass of orange juice paused halfway to his lips. Sungmin bit down—hard—on a fork that had no eggs on it. Kangin simply stared, forgetting to chew the food in his mouth.

Siwon ignored them all and continued, focusing on the fact that Kyuhyun was awake and listening.

“I thought that if I talked to him, I’d be able to fix everything. I thought that you’d all be happy again.” He stopped, feeling self-conscious because everyone was staring at him now and Kyuhyun had gone silent on the other side of the door.

“…Leeteuk hyung is right. Heechul hyung still loves you two.”

Leeteuk stared at Siwon, looking a bit confused, as if he weren’t certain of what he’d just heard. Sungmin’s and Kangin’s expressions were carefully blank.

The door to the bedroom was thrown open and Siwon barely managed to catch himself from toppling backwards. Kyuhyun stepped out and grabbed the edge of Siwon’s shirt. “Where?”


“Where’s the University? Take me there!”


Hangeng woke up and wasn’t sure if he had the energy or desire to get out of bed. He breathed in the scent of Heechul from the pillow and wondered if it was the last time that he’d ever be able to enjoy that smell.

Heechul would probably never sleep in the same bed with him again. He would find it much too awkward, much too painful. If Hangeng was honest with himself, he’d find it painful too. A reminder that no matter what they said about everything going back to the way it was, it would never be the same.

He managed to roll out of bed at the sound of someone rummaging through the kitchen. He plodded down the hallway and saw Zhou Mi standing in the kitchen, cursing as he dropped a plate of toast onto the floor and sucked on his finger, glaring at the toaster.


There was something else missing from the picture, someone demanding that Hangeng make him something edible so he didn’t have to suffer through Zhou Mi’s toast of death. “I don’t know how it’s possible to not even be able to make toast, but Seasonings did it.”

“Where’s Heechul?” It was an awkward and painful question, because he was afraid that Heechul may have left for good. No, Heebum was sitting on the counter, eyeing the toaster, and Baengshin was curled up on a pillow in the living room. Heechul never would have left them there. Really, if Hangeng really thought about it, he would have known that despite everything, Heechul would never leave him either.

“He dropped you off and left this morning.” Zhou Mi had bent down to pick up the toast. Butter side down on the floor…it always ended up that way, didn’t it? Zhou Mi sighed and placed the ruined toast on the counter, scooping up the larger pieces of broken plate. “Can you get me the broom?”

Hangeng moved silently, grabbing the broom and dustpan. He began sweeping as Zhou Mi continued to pick up the last few slivers.

“…you two talked, didn’t you?” Zhou Mi finally spoke, his voice soft.

Hangeng paused at the trashcan where he’d begun throwing away the ceramic shards. He swallowed. “Yeah…yeah we did.”

Zhou Mi didn’t say anything else. His visage was expressionless, but his eyes flickered worriedly, as if he were unsure whether to tell Hangeng that this was for the best or pity him.

Hangeng continued talking, refusing to look Zhou Mi in the eye as he opened the fridge, pulling out ingredients for breakfast. He rummaged through the shelves for bowls, trying to keep himself busy. “I’m going to try and forget. I want things to go back to the way they were before…when the three of us were brothers. But it’ll be hard. I don’t know if I can…but I’ll try.”

He stared down at the oven burner. A hand was placed on his shoulder, warm and comforting and supportive. “I’m glad. It’s better for everyone you know.”

“I know.”

Zhou Mi nodded. “Let’s go and find him later then. The three of us can have lunch together.”

“Even if I’m giving up on him…that doesn’t mean that I’m going to give him to Park Jungsu and Cho Kyuhyun.” Hangeng stated coldly. “I’ll only give him to someone worthy enough.”

“What if he loves them?”

Hangeng swallowed, but said nothing as he continued to make breakfast.


Heechul downed his second double shot espresso and closed his eyes, reveling in the caffeine rush that was to come. He was trying to finish the last of the exams he’d given his students the week before—they’d bitched and whined when he’d given them their pop quizzes and essays back—and if he stared at one more test he was sure his brain would explode.

His gaze went to his computer where he’d been entering grades into the system. He reached up a hand to rub his forehead, fighting off an oncoming headache when there was a tentative knock on his door.

He sighed, “Come in.”

The door opened after a pause and Heechul glanced up and blinked in surprise at the sight in front of him.

“Hello professor.” Jianjun nodded at him with an embarrassed smile.

Heechul sighed. “Jianjun what is it?” He didn’t need this. Not now. He hadn’t slept more than two hours. He’d driven Hangeng home and had driven back to the University and slept at the office. He didn’t think that Hangeng needed to see him right now…not when he was hurting like this.  He was tired, his chest hurt, and he felt like shit.

The night before had been painful and awkward, but refreshing in its own way. Heechul felt that perhaps the two would come to terms with everything that had happened and been said and they’d move on and continuing being as close as they’d always been.

But to do that he needed to give Hangeng time and space.

“He isn’t your boyfriend, is he?” Jianjun’s gaze was less embarrassed now, and there was something in his eyes that made Heechul uncomfortable. He knew that Jianjun was talking about Siwon, of course, but his brain immediately went to other options—people that had been his ‘boyfriends’ before. God, he really needed sleep, if he were beginning to make connections like that so easily.

Heechul instinctively glanced at the door and saw that Jianjun was standing between him and it. The uneasy feeling in his stomach grew, but he wasn’t sure if it was just because he was uncomfortable being around a boy that had confessed to him whom he had rejected or if it was something else.

“Whether he is or not doesn’t make a difference, Jianjun.” Heechul answered back wearily, hoping that this would end quickly. He’d thought that last time he’d made it clear that they would never mention Jianjun’s last visit to his office. After a few class lectures with Jianjun acting as normal as before, Heechul had figured that everything was going fine and that it had all been forgotten.

Apparently not.

Jianjun leaned forward and placed his palms atop Heechul’s desk, crumpling the edge of a paper that Heechul had been skimming. Heechul let out a soft sigh and slipped off his reading glasses, placing them on his desk.

This was not going to end without a stern talking to, it seemed. He’d tried being nice, but now he was going to have to be an ass. But if he was going to be an ass, he was going to at least be a reasonable one. Jianjun was his student, and a brilliant boy.

“Jianjun,” he began coolly, “Please leave my office. We have nothing to discuss.”

“But professor…” Jianjun’s soft smile had turned into a smug smirk as he leaned closer. “We have a lot to discuss…you and I have a lot to talk about.” His tone was soothing, almost placating, but with a dangerous lilt.

Heechul was beginning to get worried. He couldn’t exactly fight a student. If he did he might as well throw away any chance of ever teaching again. He pushed himself away from his desk, trying to give himself a bit of distance between them as he stood.

He wanted to keep the desk between them as a barrier. Jianjun didn’t heed this little code of conduct as he began walking around it, much like Heebum stalking a mouse, his smile morphing into a more dangerous look. “I don’t understand why you won’t be with me.”

“You’re my student.”

“I told you I’d drop out!” Jianjun yelled, and Heechul was, for the first time in his life, angry that he’d gotten a rather soundproof office.

“Jianjun.” Heechul tried to placate, even as he backed away around the other side of the desk, eyes flickering toward the door. He held up his hands, “Jianjun, you can’t force these kinds of things.” This really was just a horribly ironic twist of fate. Could his life get fucked up any more at the moment?

“My father is rich. And influential. There’s nothing I couldn’t give you.” Jianjun continued, coming closer. “And I’m handsome. I know I am.”

Heechul swallowed. He had to get out and now. He couldn’t expect help to come in any way, shape, or form until he got out of the office and into the hallway. His gaze went to Jianjun—taller, stockier, stronger—and then he made a break for the door. He didn’t get far as Jianjun lunged, grabbing his arm and slinging him down. As he went his head smacked against the corner of the desk.

His vision blacked out and he found himself blinking through a hazy of dizziness, spots dancing in front of his eyes. He was on the ground, and he could feel blood seeping through his hair onto the linoleum.

Jianjun was petting his hair, bringing his head into his lap. “Shh…it’s alright. I’m sorry I had to hurt you.”

Heechul groaned in pain, trying to move, but his entire body felt lethargic after the blow to the head. He still couldn’t see or think clearly. This was bad, he needed to get out of there quickly. But he couldn’t move…and he also knew that if he could, he wouldn’t be able to fight off Jianjun anyway.

He was too disoriented to do much of anything but lay there, letting out a small hiss of pain as he tried to sit up. Jianjun pushed him back down, his hand cushioning Heechul’s head and placing him gently in his lap. “You shouldn’t try and sit up, professor. Just lay down and be still, alright?”

Heechul tried to lift himself up again, reaching for his desk where his phone lay. His hand lifted up and grasped nothing but air and fell back down. Jianjun was petting his hair again, and as his fingers brushed over Heechul’s forehead, he felt his own blood smear on the cool skin.

Jianjun’s hand slid down, leaving a crimson trail. “I’ve been watching you since you started teaching here. It was…the beginning of last semester? I think so. I saw you before that though, when you came to look around. I was walking by the dean’s office to deliver some files for one of the other professors.” Jianjun reached Heechul’s shirt collar.

Heechul struggled, trying to sit up again, but Jianjun pushed him down, cradling him in his lap. “I’d never seen someone so beautiful. When you left, I went and asked what you were planning to teach. I changed my major so that I could meet you.”

Heechul felt panic rising in his chest—along with pain, he hadn’t taken his medicine that morning—as Jianjun unfastened the first button of Heechul’s shirt, his gaze transfixed on Heechul’s face, dark eyes boring into his own.

“My father was angry at first, that I changed my business major to literature.” A second button, and Heechul felt Jianjun’s fingers skim his collarbone. “But I told him it was for something very important. He said as long as it didn’t affect my taking over his company, I could do anything I wanted.”

Buttons three and four, and the air was horribly cold. Much different than the hot fingers tracing patterns on his skin and the blood pooling out from the back of his head. Well, he figured it wasn’t pooling. If that were true he’d be dead by now, but he could feel the blood pumping through his body and in his mind it was gushing out of the open wound.

“I don’t understand why you won’t just accept me. I can make you feel good. I’ll show you.” He continued unbuttoning, pulling the edges of Heechul’s shirt from where it had been tucked into his pants. Jianjun’s fingers brushed against the line of hair leading to the top of his jeans.     

“I promise.” And his thumb ran over the silver button before pulling on it and grabbing the zipper, ready to pull. The door was opened and Heechul wasn’t sure what was going on.

All he knew was that Jianjun was pulled off of him roughly and his head hit the floor. He let out a small whimper of pain and let his eyes drift closed before he opened them again.

There were suddenly too many people in his office. Someone was yelling in Korean and someone was yelling back in Chinese and someone else was holding him in their lap—it wasn’t Jianjun this time. He wanted to tell them to let go because they were wearing white and the blood was going to ruin their clothes.

Someone else was hovering over him anxiously, and their face came into focus long enough for him to recognize Kyuhyun—was Leeteuk holding him in his lap?—before everything went blurry again.

Leeteuk stared down at Heechul, trembling hands tracing his face. Oh god, what had just happened? Heechul was covered in blood, and Leeteuk could feel it soaking into his pants where Heechul’s head lay in his lap. Heechul was pale, and fighting to stay awake.

Kyuhyun was hovering over them, looking as scared as Leeteuk felt. There was no anger or hatred visible anywhere, simply worry and fear and panic as he reached out to touch Heechul’s face but stopped himself, looking uncertain. He looked to Leeteuk for direction.

Leeteuk simply stared down at Heechul. “Are you alright?” He called out softly. “H-Heechul?”

Heechul didn’t answer, simply let out a slow exhalation that ended in a hiss of pain.

Kangin had grabbed the Chinese boy that had attacked Heechul the moment they’d walked inside. He currently had him pinned against the wall, looking ready to throttle him at a moment’s notice, his gaze hard. Sungmin stood beside him, looking from Kyuhyun to the man that had attacked Heechul.

The boy was struggling against Kangin’s grip, choking as he gasped out in Chinese.

“I don’t understand a thing you’re saying, dipshit, but it doesn’t make a difference when we caught you red-handed.” Kangin growled out, tightening his hand around the boy’s windpipe.

Siwon looked like he was torn between going to help Heechul and stopping Kangin from murdering the Chinese boy. He could barely understand the strangled Mandarin spilling from the boy’s lips as he pleaded to be let go.

Sungmin looked back toward Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. “We need to get him to a hospital.” He motioned toward Heechul. “He has some head trauma and he’s bleeding.”

Leeteuk nodded, looking pale, and Kyuhyun simply reached out and touched Heechul’s cheek before pulling back again, as if burned.

That was when the door opened and Hangeng and Zhou Mi walked inside. It took Hangeng only two seconds to take in everything before he was charging toward Kyuhyun and Leeteuk, growling, “What did you do to him!?”

Sungmin grabbed Hangeng and threw him backwards, settling into a defensive position in front of Kyuhyun. He pulled out a knife and held it in front of him, his visage stony. “Stay back.” Siwon stared in shock at Sungmin’s cold expression. He couldn’t let this end in violence. But what could he do when everyone wanted it?

Hangeng grabbed for his own gun, but was stopped by Zhou Mi grabbing his arm, and by Heechul’s voice.

 “…not…them…” Heechul managed to speak, eyes fluttering. “Head hurts.”

Hangeng looked around before he nodded, throat tightening as he walked past Sungmin—the man stiffened and looked ready to stop him but didn’t—and knelt next to Heechul and began buttoning up his shirt, “We’ll get you to the hospital.”

“…really tired of hospitals…” Heechul tried to shake his head but winced instead. He reached out and grabbed Hangeng’s sleeve, and they shared a look that neither Leeteuk or Kyuhyun could ignore. Kyuhyun knew that the two were lovers and it angered him to see that look pass between them. Leeteuk was confused by it, and simply tried to take hold of the situation.

“Should we take him to the police?” Leeteuk looked over at the Chinese student that Kangin was still pinning to the wall.

Hangeng cast a glance at the Chinese boy, before looking back at Heechul, who was fighting to stay conscious.

The police? Hangeng’s eyes met Zhou Mi’s. No one would ever find the body when they were through with him. But Heechul’s weak grip tightened, if just for a moment. “…forget it…don’t hurt him Hannie…”

“What do you mean?” Kyuhyun asked in shock—Heechul hadn’t even realized he’d spoken in Korean to Hangeng and not Chinese—“He tried to…” He swallowed, as if he weren’t sure if he could say the words, “You can’t let him go!”

“…it really would be a waste for him to…” Heechul closed his eyes and winced, blinking a few times, “…a waste to get him in trouble…smart student…”

Hangeng reached down and buttoned up Heechul’s jeans before grabbing him bridal style out of Leeteuk’s lap, careful to place his head upon his chest, pillowing it with his hand.

Leeteuk looked down at his lap, at the red stain seeping into his white slacks, and couldn’t help but think of how much he’d seen that red liquid in accordance with Heechul lately. First when he’d been shot, then when they’d been at the old Hong Kong Trading building, and now…he felt faint, but managed to stand shakily.

He gripped Kyuhyun’s arm to steady himself and they shared a glance, although Leeteuk couldn’t quite understand the anger in Kyuhyun’s gaze centered on Hangeng. Did Kyuhyun know something about Heechul’s relationship with this man?

Sungmin continued to stare at Zhou Mi, despite that the other man was paying him no attention. He’d gone straight over to Heechul and Hangeng. Sungmin’s eyes narrowed as he watched Zhou Mi lift out a hand and touch Heechul’s face, his normally emotionless expression transforming into concern.

Sungmin didn’t understand why he didn’t like the sight. Why should he care if Zhou Mi was just another one of Kim Heechul’s lovers? It’s not like he wanted to do anything to the man other than kill him. They had unfinished business between them, that was it.

Nothing else. Just a one-on-one fight, neither holding anything back. It’s all he desired. Desire. Zhou Mi. Holding nothing back. Just the two of them. Sungmin blinked, coughed, and turned to where Kangin was still choking the young Chinese boy.

Heechul grabbed Hangeng’s arm before looking over his shoulder at Jianjun, who was nearly in tears at this point as he gasped and struggled and pleaded.

“Jianjun.” Heechul murmured wearily, still fighting to stay conscious. Jianjun’s eyes swiveled to him and they were wide with fear. Heechul continued, “…tomorrow you’re going to go to the office of academic affairs and drop out of my class and go back to a business major.” It was an order, even said in such a weak voice, and Heechul simply laid his head back down on Hangeng’s chest.

“…can you get my painkillers for me before we head out, Hannie?” He closed his eyes, but continued to remain awake, knowing he shouldn’t sleep after such a hard blow to the head. He simply allowed the throbbing pain to be pushed aside as he focused on the scent of Hangeng’s cologne.


They’d contacted Kim Kibum and told him everything.

Kibum had said he would handle it, would go to Hong Kong—Donghae had given him the address hesitantly—and then find out the truth about everything for them.

Unfortunately, Henry didn’t think that was all that needed to be done.

He wanted to go to Hong Kong himself to hear it first hand from his brother, and Donghae was incapable of keeping him away. Because of this he, Eunhyuk, and Henry were now all sitting on a plane headed for China.

Donghae had tried calling Heechul, but he wasn’t answering his phone. No one was. He’d tried calling Hangeng and Zhou Mi and neither of them were picking up either. Donghae was beginning to panic as he dialed Heechul’s number again and was met with the same message.

The number you are trying to reach is not in service at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.

The stewardess was coming up the aisle, kindly telling everyone to turn off their cellphones and other electronic devices.

The beep sounded and Donghae began, “Hyung! I don’t know what to do! Henli thinks that Hangeng hyung sh-shot you. We’re on our way to Hong Kong right now. We’ll be there in an hour. I couldn’t stop him!” He was scared, worried about what Henry would do and what would happen when they all met.

The stewardess paused at Donghae’s seat, “Sir, you need to turn off your phone now.”

Donghae gripped the phone tightly, “H-hyung, when you get this message, please please please call! I don’t know what Henli is going to do!” He closed his phone and stared down at it in his lap as the stewardess moved on.

Henry appeared a second later, scooting into the seat beside him, his own gaze stoic. “Are we about to take off?”

Donghae nodded, swallowing, looking to Eunhyuk, who seemed just as uncertain of what to do as he was.


Yesung stared up at the ceiling of his apartment and wondered if this wasn’t all just a test of faith. Was God trying to tell him something? Or was he just really bored and fucking with him now? He didn’t think God was that cruel but well, he’d never met him personally and right now he really wanted someone to blame for everything that was happening.

And everyone else blamed God for the shit that happened in their lives, so he could too right?

He wondered how long he’d been lying in bed and wallowing in self pity. It was longer than a day, he knew that much. He hadn’t had the courage to go to Yumyeong earlier and ask Ryeowook for forgiveness.

He doubted that he’d get anything but another slap to the face.

So he stared at his cell phone that lay next to his pillow and willed it to ring, even if it were just for Ryeowook to yell at him some more for being the biggest asshole in the world. Because if Ryeowook called him, it meant that he still cared a little bit.

The phone began ringing and he practically leapt off of the bed before diving for the phone, placing it to his ear, “Ryeowook?”


Yesung let out a slow sigh, flopping back down onto his bed, the phone pressed between his ear and the pillow. “…yeah mom?”

“Is that all you have to say? You haven’t been home in ages! Not only that, but you never answer your phone anymore. And who is Ryeowook?”

“I didn’t call because I’m busy. I didn’t answer the phone because I’m busy. And Ryeowook is the name of divine judgment.”

“What?” A pause, and then his mother sounded concerned, “Jongwoon dear…are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” He sighed, turning over on his bed to stare at his ceiling again. He sniffed. His room was beginning to smell…he looked over at the pizza box sitting on his bedside table.

“If you say so.” His mother didn’t sound convinced, “Jongwoon, will you come home tomorrow? It’s your father’s birthday you know.”

“I know.” Yesung grumbled.

“Will you come?”

“Does he want me to?”

“I’m sure that he’ll be happy to see you if you showed up. You know that even if he doesn’t say it he really cares—”

“I’ll take that as a no.” Yesung concluded, “I’ll see if I can take off some time. I won’t promise anything though.” That was the polite way of telling her that he wasn’t coming, and they both knew it.

“Ok,” She accepted it, although she sounded like she was trying to keep from crying. “He’s…you know his health isn’t great right now so I would really like it if you came by. Just keep that in mind, ok?”

“I will.” Yesung acknowledged,

“I really want you to—”

“He isn’t even my real father, umma.” Yesung cut in before she could continue, his voice sharp. “So could we just not talk about this anymore? I have to go and feed ddongkkoma. I need to go.”


He hung up the phone and his gaze drifted back up to the ceiling.

“…aish…” he heard the sound of Ddongkkoma shuffling around in his tank on the other side of the room. He sat up and glared. “I don’t need to hear that from you, stupid turtle.” And he threw himself back down, burying his face in his pillow.


They’d followed Heechul to the hospital. When they’d entered the building after Hangeng and Zhou Mi, no one had stopped them. Zhou Mi had glanced back at them once and then seemed to forget about them.

Heechul was currently sitting in one of the rooms. Through the glass window, Kyuhyun could see him getting his head bandaged. The doctor had already looked him over and he’d had to get some staples put in.

Zhou Mi and Hangeng were in the room as well, with Zhou Mi leaning against the wall and talking casually with the doctor while Hangeng sat on the edge of the bed and fussed over Heechul, who was looking down at his lap.

Kyuhyun continued to stare through the glass, feeling his anger well up again, replacing the worry he’d felt earlier. Heechul didn’t love him or Leeteuk, despite what Siwon had said. Siwon hadn’t known what he was talking about when he’d said that Heechul still loved them.

It was a lie.

“He’s his lover.”

Leeteuk turned at the sound of Kyuhyun’s voice. He’d been staring down at the crimson stains dotting his clothing, too preoccupied with the fact that all of that blood—so much, too much—was Heechul’s. But Kyuhyun’s soft, lost tone brought him back to reality. He saw that Kyuhyun was staring at the glass window, gaze fixated on Heechul.

“Hangeng. The other Chinese guy, not Zhou Mi. He’s Heechul’s lover.”

“It’s different.” Siwon defended, standing up from where he’d been sitting in one of the chairs lining the wall. He’d been unsure what to say or do in this situation, but he knew that he couldn’t let Kyuhyun think badly of Heechul, or misunderstand Heechul’s love.

“Damn hyung, you’ve really become best friends with him while we’ve been in China, haven’t you?” Kyuhyun laughed sharply.

Siwon sent him a reprimanding glance, but didn’t speak.

Kangin and Sungmin walked back down the hall to where they stood, holding cups of coffee. “The hospital cafeteria didn’t have that much to eat, but we figured you guys could use some coffee.”

Sungmin nodded cheerfully, his gaze flickering to Kyuhyun and turning worried.

Leeteuk simply continued to stare at Kyuhyun. The Chinese man was…Heechul’s lover? He looked back at the window and saw how Hangeng touched Heechul, the soft brush of fingertips against his arm. A lover’s caress. His face was twisted in worry and he was whispering something soothing to Heechul and Heechul was smiling back.

He’d never smiled at Leeteuk like that.

Leeteuk felt like he’d been punched in the gut. For the first time, his trust and love began to waver. Heechul really had…a lover? But what had Siwon said? That it was different? He clung to that thought desperately, turning back to him. “What did you mean it was different? What did you mean? They aren’t lovers?”

Siwon seemed stuck on what to say next, as the other four men in the room turned to him. “I…they’re lovers.” He finally answered. “But not…it’s not like that. Heechul doesn’t love him that way.”

“If you’re lovers, that’s kind of self explanatory, isn’t it?”

All of them turned to see Zhou Mi close the door behind him and step out into the hall. His gaze was cool and calm now that Heechul was safe. “…while they’re inside,” He cast a glance toward the hospital waiting room, “Let’s all go and have a chat, shall we?”


Hangeng brushed his fingers across the bandage wrapped around Heechul’s head, his touch so light he almost couldn’t even tell he was touching the gauze at all. “He almost…”

“He didn’t.” Heechul interrupted, sending him a weary glance. “So don’t think about it.”

Hangeng shook his head. “If they hadn’t come…we would have been too late.” Hangeng didn’t like to think about that, didn’t like that his pride stung at the thought that someone else had saved Heechul, that they had saved Heechul when he had been unable to do.

“You would have gotten there in time. You were only a minute or so behind them.” Heechul tried to comfort him. “I would have fought him off long enough for you to get there.”

Hangeng didn’t look convinced. He stood up from the bed and walked to stand in front of Heechul, staring down at him as his hands hung limply at his side. As if he were unsure of whether or not he could touch him.

“Stop worrying.” Heechul whispered.

“I can still worry.” Hangeng cut in, and there was an awkward, uncomfortable silence that followed. He reached out and his fingers trembled on Heechul’s hair. “…I can. That won’t change. You know that.”

Heechul closed his eyes and gave a small nod. “Yeah, I know.”

Hangeng didn’t move his hand. “…you don’t hate me for it, do you?”

“I’ve never hated you Hannie.”

“You’ve never loved me either.”

“It’s a different kind of love.” Heechul reached forward, wrapping his arms around Hangeng’s waist and pressing his forehead against his chest. “…but I do love you.”

They remained in silence after that, as they held each other. And as Hangeng pulled Heechul closer, he tried to let go. He didn’t know if he could, but he would try. He would always love Heechul but maybe, given time, that love would become the kind of love that Heechul talked about.

Hangeng wasn’t so sure, and he was also afraid of it happening. He didn’t want his love to lessen, to change, but he knew that he could no longer force that love onto Heechul.

Because if he loved him so much, he needed to make sure he was happy above all else, even if that happiness meant he wasn’t with him.


They’d walked to one of the deserted lobbies, the kind that stood in the corner of one of the floors and was only passed by a nurse or doctor or janitor at random intervals. They wouldn’t be disturbed there.

The moment the other men had seated themselves comfortably, Zhou Mi spoke. “You really all should leave.”


It was Leeteuk who had spoken, predictably. If it was Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi suspected there would be more anger than stubbornness and worry in his tone. Also, he probably would have added something like, “I haven’t been able to beat the shit out of him yet” or something along those lines to feed his need to believe that he hated Heechul.

Zhou Mi knew otherwise. He’d seen the way Kyuhyun had looked at Heechul when he’d been lying in Leeteuk’s lap and he’d finally been convinced that yes, Cho Kyuhyun really did love Heechul more than he hated him for his betrayal.

This would only complicate things further, wouldn’t it? If this continued, and both Cho Kyuhyun and Park Jungsu were still in love with Heechul, then it would become a fight between them for his affections.

Heechul wouldn’t allow that to happen, and that would mean more pain for everyone involved.

Zhou Mi had to stop this all before it began. “It isn’t a matter of wanting to or not. It’s best for everyone involved if you leave.”

“Because he has a lover?” Kyuhyun bit out, bitterly, and Leeteuk flinched.

Zhou Mi raised an eyebrow, “Lover?” Hangeng, it clicked, and he sighed. What to say to that? He knew that he should tell the truth, that no, Hangeng and Heechul weren’t lovers, not anymore. But if he did so, it would only give them hope.

He couldn’t do that.

He simply nodded. “You must mean Hangeng ge.” He smiled softly. “Yes, he and Xi Che ge are lovers. So you all really have no reason for being here.”


(A/N: So I don't know if anyone noticed or not but well, in the scene where Heechul was almost raped by Jianjun, when Kyuhyun and the others come in, Siwon is mentioned like, twice. Actually, he wasn't mentioned at all until I got to the hospital scene and was like, "ho shit! Siwon's here!" so I hurriedly went back and added him in. However, if you would like to know the true story as to why Siwon was barely mentioned there, please read the lovely tale found in [info]cereal_strawz 's comment. :) That is all.)
Tags: character:heechul, character:henry, character:kangin, character:kibum, character:kyuhyun, character:leeteuk, character:ryeowook, character:siwon, character:sungmin, character:yesung, ot3:kyuteukchul, pairing:eunhae, pairing:hanchul, pairing:yewook, title:blood brothers ii

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    I haven't written anything Super Junior in forever and this needed to be posted. The beginning of a series, depending on whether or not people…

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