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Blood Brothers II Chapter 12

Title: Blood Brothers II
Pairing: KyuTeukChul, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, SiChulfriendship, MiMin, possible other pairings in the future.
Rating: R
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, action, thriller
Summary: The cycle of revenge is never-ending, unless someone learns to forgive.

Chapter 11 < ---- > Chapter 13


Heechul walked up the steps to the old Hong Kong Trading building leisurely, fishing in his pocket for his phone. The building wasn’t as populated as their new office but since they were still making the transfer, a lot of employees were still located there, as well as a good portion of their files.

Those files were the reason he’d headed over to the building after his last lecture. He needed to see if his account to Yumyeong Industries was still active and how it had been traced. He nodded his head at the few workers he passed as he continued to the front door.

He didn’t bother with security, and they didn’t try and stop him. Even though he’d left the company he was still considered a Director and owned most of the company anyway. His mind was jumbled, a mess, and he hoped it didn’t show as he continued walking, ignoring the “good afternoon”s and “Director Gam, it’s so good to see you”s.

After his talk with Siwon earlier that day, he’d been on edge. The talk had irritated him, struck a nerve. His words had dug under his skin and were staying there, festering and becoming more difficult to ignore by the second. He didn’t know why he’d told Siwon so much in the first place. He felt comfortable around him, more comfortable than he did around most people.

Safe. Siwon was safe because Siwon was his dongsaeng and Siwon…would never hurt anyone.

Unintentionally, of course. There was always the possibility of carelessly spoken words that could create a disaster. So why was Heechul telling him things that would only add fuel to the fire? It was true that he didn’t know if he could survive a conversation with Leeteuk.

Kyuhyun was young. He was emotional and abrasive and well, when Heechul thought about it, very much like himself. Because of that, he knew that Kyuhyun would be fine after everything. He’d be bitter, but he would be stronger for it.

Leeteuk was different.

It was not that Leeteuk was weak. He was not. He simply cared far too much than was healthy and forgave far too much that should never be forgiven. It was a strength that didn’t help much in the real world…the ability to never hold a grudge.

But it was a strength that could break Heechul, and therefore he could not allow it to happen.

Kyuhyun’s hatred was all he needed, because it showed that he had succeeded. Forgiveness would mean failure. Heechul had not spent the last fifteen years of his life planning to fail now. Maybe…I really should kill their fathers. Is that the only thing I can do to finally get them to despise me? It was a bitter thought, and he pushed it out of his head. It wasn’t something to dwell on now.

He finally found his phone, hurriedly pressing speed dial number three as waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

It rang three times before Donghae’s voice came through the speakers, “Hyung!” He sounded happy and relieved.

Heechul smiled to himself as he leaned against one of the pillars in the main hall. “How is my favorite dongsaeng?”

“I’m good! Really good! Eunhyuk and I have been having a lot of fun showing Henli around.”

“So Henli got there safely?” Heechul perked up a bit at that. He’d worried about the plane ride over. He’d never liked the idea of Henry flying anywhere alone. It didn’t matter that he’d done it for years, traveling all over Europe.

 “Yeah. He and Eunhyuk are getting along really well!”

Heechul snickered to himself. So, Henry was following his advice, eh? This was going to be fun. He hoped that Henry took pictures, or at least a video.

“…but yesterday Hyukkie fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up he was all wet. It was really weird. Henli said he didn’t know where the bucket came from.”

Heechul bit the inside of his cheek to keep from bursting into laughter. He was still considered a Director here and cackling maniacally in the middle of the first floor entranceway would probably not look well. “Alright, I just wanted to check on you. I have some work to do now. I have to go, alright?”

“Ok hyung!” Donghae sounded a bit disappointed. “I’ll tell Henli you called. I’ll call later tonight, ok? And I’m sending some of my mom’s cookies.”

“Ok. Thanks.” Heechul hung up with a smile still gracing his lips as he made his way to the elevator. None of the employees came onto the elevator with him, but Heechul didn’t mind. He rather liked the privacy. Most of the employees were a little intimidated by him. Director Zhou Mi was kinder, soft-spoken, but Director Xi Che was cold and exacting. Not many people wanted to be near him if it wasn’t necessary.

The less people fussing over him the better, in his mind. He didn’t need anyone there while he was making an important call anyway. He dialed another number and waited.

“…hello?” The voice was husky and hesitant, unsure. If he probed deeper, Heechul was sure that he sounded sleepy and maybe a little drunk.

 “Kim Jongwoon, we haven’t talked in a very long time. Sorry if my Korean is a bit rusty.”

“Kim Heechul-ssi!” Yesung sounded extremely surprised, all traces of sleep and drunkenness gone. “Why are you…?”

“I wanted to check on the account. Also, who is in charge of Yumyeong now that both Directors are in China?” Heechul watched as the floors continued ascending, getting closer and closer to his old office.


“You didn’t know? I’m not paying you to date their secretary, I’m paying you to know what’s going on.” Heechul’s tone was a bit icy, strict and stern and reprimanding. He was a bit peeved that Yesung hadn’t contacted them the moment that Cho Kyuhyun and Park Jungsu had decided to fly to China.

“What—how did you—Ryeowook-ssi and I—” Yesung stuttered over the other end.

“Just keep tabs on Ryeowook-ssi. I’m sure he’s in charge currently. I want you to send me the location of where Cho Kyuhyun and Park Jungsu are staying in Hong Kong. I’m sure you can do that much.  And if you get even a hint of a rumor that the old Directors are coming back, call me immediately. I don’t care what time of day it is, alright?”

“Ah, right.” Yesung sounded shaken.

“Good.” Heechul clicked his phone shut and stuffed it in his pocket. At the same moment the elevator lurched to a stop on one of the intermediate floors and Heechul cursed as his watch slipped off of his wrist—it was too skinny, when had he lost the weight?—and fell to the ground.

He knelt down to pick it up but watched as it was snatched by other hands.

Heechul blinked and found himself looking up at the last person he wanted to see. “…Park Jungsu.”

“Leeteuk.” Leeteuk corrected softly.

Heechul sighed, reaching for his watch. “I don’t have time for this.”

Leeteuk simply grabbed his hand, the phone pressed between their palms, as he entwined their fingers together. He leaned past Heechul and pressed a button and the elevator doors slid shut smoothly. “Going up?”

“Let go.” Heechul swallowed, trying to pull his hand free. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. He was not supposed to be here!

“No.” Leeteuk answered back simply, and his grip tightened. The charm on Heechul’s cell phone dug into his palm but he paid it little attention. He was here. Heechul was here. Heechul was…

Pissed off.

No, frantic, desperate. Heechul didn’t have it in him to be angry because he was too busy panicking as he tried to get his hand free. “Why are you here?”

To find you. But Leeteuk knew that wasn’t the answer Heechul wanted to hear. “The twelfth floor is for loans. I was getting one.”

“From my company?” That sounded absurd, ridiculous, but logical. Of course Leeteuk would come here. Kyuhyun had already found him, so he wouldn’t be afraid of tipping Heechul off to his presence by appearing at the company.

The fact that he’d appeared here, though, meant that he didn’t know about his job at the University. Siwon hadn’t told anyone then. That was good. But it didn’t stop the matter at hand—or rather, that Leeteuk was still holding his hand.

“Your palms are sweaty, you’re going to ruin my phone.” Heechul snapped, trying to break out of Leeteuk’s tight grip. When had the other man gotten so strong? Heechul needed to eat more…

This couldn’t be happening. Really, had he been some kind of cruel dictator in a past life? Karma was majorly fucking with him and if Leeteuk wasn’t still holding his hand, he’d probably start laughing at the irony of it. The one person he didn’t want to see was there.

“We need to talk.”

“Not really.” Heechul answered back, and he tried to sound normal, not like his brain was screaming at him to get away or that his heart was thumping against his ribcage and—god it hurt. He coughed. That wasn’t normal. His chest shouldn’t be hurting like that. He swallowed, focused on the pain. It was easier than focusing on Leeteuk’s warmth.

“Yes we do.” Leeteuk continued. He wasn’t looking Heechul in the eye—too scared, hesitant to see that there was nothing in that gaze but abhorrence—and Heechul was grateful. He’d probably notice the fear there.

“No. We don’t.” The pain continued, a soft throb. It wasn’t uncontrollable yet, but it was getting worse the more he stood in that small elevator with someone who should hate him but didn’t. He needed to get to his old office. The painkillers were in his bottom drawer.


“Xi Che.” Heechul reiterated. “That’s still my name. It always has been.” He swallowed, “I hope you don’t feel too uncomfortable with that.” Hurt him, hurt him and make him go away. It was the only thing he could think to do.

Leeteuk’s grip did not lessen. “No. I don’t. But I’ll still call you Heechul.” Leeteuk answered back. “And we still need to talk.”

“Don’t you understand that I’m more scared of your forgiveness than Kyuhyun’s revenge?” Heechul whispered hoarsely. Because he was at his breaking point. The pain was making it hard to focus, hard to keep up this farce of being cold and cool and uncaring. Where was Hangeng? He needed Hangeng. Zhou Mi. Henry. Anyone.

Leeteuk’s grip on his hand tightened. “I don’t care. I don’t.”

“You should.” Heechul hissed out. The pain was getting a little harder to deal with. He continued to focus on it—it made the pain more poignant and he waited for each stabbing throb that came with each heartbeat. Ba bump. Ba bump. Ba bump. Three beats and three stabs. He swallowed.

He knew that if he focused on something else. Leeteuk. There. Touching him. It would make the pain lessen, but it would not help the situation. He would have to focus on something he’d been avoiding for a very long time. Pain was something he could deal with.

Leeteuk was not.

“We need to talk.” Leeteuk whispered, and pushed Heechul against the elevator door. His fingertips brushed against cool metal before finding the warmth of Heechul’s hip.

Heechul opened his mouth to protest but was stopped as Leeteuk’s mouth descended upon his own. Heechul’s lips were soft, pliant, they were just like Leeteuk remembered from so long ago in his music room.

Heechul let out a small sound in the back of his throat. Leeteuk couldn’t identify it, but all he knew was that he wanted to hear it again. He ran his tongue along the seam of Heechul’s lips. They parted with a soft moan.

Leeteuk slipped his tongue inside. Heechul tasted like coffee and cinnamon. He smelled different than when he’d been pretending to be ‘Xi Che’. Back then there had been a delicately feminine scent, some kind of soft perfume. Now he smelled fierce and dangerous and just like a guy should.

And Leeteuk found himself not caring in the slightest. The smell was hypnotizing. Heechul’s fingers were digging into the back of his hand from where they interlaced with Leeteuk’s. The pain was sharp and—

Leeteuk blinked and looked down to where he and Heechul’s hands were situated. Heechul was clawing at him with his nails, trying to get out of his grip.

The two were standing side by side, nothing connecting them save for the painful reminder that Leeteuk was certain would soon draw blood.

An illusion, of course…because I’d never do something like that. Leeteuk swallowed, ashamed and a little disappointed with himself.

“I asked you where your bodyguard was.” Heechul muttered, and Leeteuk wondered how many times he’d asked that question while Leeteuk had been imagining the two of them kissing. He felt a blush rise to his cheeks, but his grip on Heechul simply tightened.

“Kangin is still on the twelfth floor.” Leeteuk murmured.

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened. Heechul’s eyes went to the floor number. A few short of his office. He froze, before placing his and Leeteuk’s intertwined hands behind his back and leaning against the wall casually as several workers filed in, all bowing their heads in respect.

Heechul swallowed back another wave of pain. “…it’s useless to talk.” He whispered, “…because it won’t change anything.”

Leeteuk stiffened, unsure of what to say. It was all the distraction that Heechul needed. He managed to get himself out of Leeteuk’s grip just as the elevator stopped again. He slipped out with the crowd, watching in satisfaction as the door closed upon Leeteuk’s shocked face.

It was only while he was leaning against the wall, trying to catch his breath and steady himself that he realized that Leeteuk had his phone.


Eunhyuk didn’t know why they were there. This was the place Donghae had been taken to when he’d been kidnapped. Heechul was going to kill him if he found out that Eunhyuk let Donghae and Henry come here.

Speaking of Henry…Eunhyuk’s gaze went to the younger boy. He was rather certain that Henry hated him. Probably more than Heechul did. That was frightening, because he had a feeling that Henry was a bit more into ‘physical action’ than Heechul was. Also, Henry was standing two feet away as opposed to a thousand or so miles.

“Why did you want to come to Yumyeong?” Donghae asked softly, staring up at the building. He had been unsure about letting Henry come here. The last time the two had been here together, Heechul hyung had been shot. It had been a traumatizing experience, and something he didn’t want to be reminded of.

Eunhyuk was looking confused, and rightfully so. He didn’t know anything about why Yumyeong had kidnapped Donghae or that Heechul hyung had almost died.

Donghae swallowed. What if someone saw them? Recognized them? What if Cho Kyuhyun or Park Jungsu came out of the building? Or worse, their bodyguards? Donghae didn’t know if Henry had learned any hand-to-hand from his brother, but he did know that Eunhyuk wasn’t a fighter. If Lee Sungmin or Kim Youngwoon were there…

…he didn’t have any weapons with him.

Henry didn’t answer Donghae’s question. Actually, he was more interested in scanning the buildings across the street. He held up a picture and swallowed. The bloodstains from where Heechul had been shot had been washed off, but in the picture, they were bright and unmistakable.

He walked up a few steps to where the blood had been—to where Heechul gege had fallen—and turned back to scanning the buildings.

“…I’m going to find out who shot gege.” Henry whispered. “…and I’m going to make him pay.”


“Because he’s mine.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t comprehend the words coming out of the Chinese man’s mouth.

“He’s…yours?” Kyuhyun repeated, looking the Chinese man over briefly, as if seeing him for the first time. Tall, muscular, attractive. What was he talking about? How did this man know Heechul? Claiming he was his…it didn’t compute with Kyuhyun as he continued to stare at him. Perhaps it was a mistranslation? His Korean was shoddy at best. That had to be it.

“My lover.” The man continued, eyeing Kyuhyun coldly. “Mine.” And there was a flicker of triumph in those dark depths. As if he knew what Kyuhyun had been thinking and took a sick pleasure out of proving him wrong.

Kyuhyun felt like he’d been punched in the gut. It was a sickening feeling as his stomach dropped and his chest constricted painfully.

But what had he expected it? Heechul had never loved him. He’d used Kyuhyun and Leeteuk for his revenge and had thrown them away the moment he no longer needed them. Heechul didn’t care about them. And why should Kyuhyun? He didn’t. He didn’t.

Kyuhyun let out a soft laugh and sneered, “Why should I care who he fucks? Damn fags can do whatever the hell you want.”

Hangeng moved forward quickly, bristling with anger, but Zhou Mi stopped him, grabbing his arm as he tried to walk by.

“Did you hear what he said? I’m going to kill him.” Hangeng snarled in Chinese, but his gaze remained on Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

“The feeling seems to be mutual. Don’t make a scene.” Zhou Mi warned in the same language before turning to Kyuhyun and Sungmin and speaking in Korean. “Don’t ever insult my hyungs like that again. Now get out before I call security.”

This was a rather bad change of events. Zhou Mi knew that Hangeng wasn’t stable right now. He was worried about Heechul and depressed and guilty and a million other things. One wrong word from Kyuhyun would be all it took to set him off.

And Zhou Mi didn’t know how much longer he’d want to hold him back, either. What he really wanted to do was let Hangeng go after the boy and take down Lee Sungmin. The two had unfinished business to attend to.

Sungmin had stepped in front of Kyuhyun protectively, ready to stop either of the two Chinese men if they came after them. This didn’t stop Kyuhyun, however. Actually, his human shield made him bolder.

“Where is Kim Heechul? That bastard and I need to talk!” He was angry and frustrated. Why couldn’t he just see him? But more than that he was hurt at the sight of the man in front of him. A man so different than Leeteuk and himself. Momentarily he thought, oh, so this is the kind of man that hyung likes and he was disgusted with himself for it a second later. He shouted out the only thing he could, to show he was angry and not hurt, “I’m going to kill him!” Hatred was preferable to desperation.

The gun pointed at his head a moment later made him pause in his tirade. Sungmin froze, even as all of his instincts told him to move and get Kyuhyun away as quickly as possible. But he knew that this man would shoot if provoked, and sudden movements might be taken as a threat. His own gun had been taken by security at the front door. Shit.

“Don’t…” Hangeng let out a tremulous breath. “…ever threaten Xi Che.”

“Kim Heechul.” Kyuhyun shot back, but his voice was shaky as he stared at the gun.

“No. He’s Xi Che now.” Zhou Mi answered, gaze flickering between the two groups. This had escalated badly. He was only keeping cool because he knew one of them had to. It didn’t make him any less apt to attack. If they hadn’t been in the middle of his office, he probably would have gone for it.

“Let’s go.” Sungmin whispered, taking a step back and pushing Kyuhyun back as well.  Toward the door. The door was an exit and that meant safety.

“No!” Kyuhyun tried to get past him, but Sungmin’s grip was painful.

“Get out.” Zhou Mi hissed. Even his patience was running thin. He also didn’t know how long Hangeng was going to rest his finger on the trigger before pulling it. Dammit, if one of the secretaries looked over or came into the room and saw the gun…

“Where is he!?” Kyuhyun continued, trying to get out of Sungmin’s grasp.


A shot rang out, followed by a scream.


Siwon discovered that the suite was empty when he returned. Leeteuk had said something about how they were going to check out Hong Kong Trading for any clues. He’d decided to let them, knowing that Heechul was at the University and everything would be fine. He wasn't too worried about them at the moment, because Sungmin and Kangin were with them.

They were safe.

And he was tired…

It didn’t take him long to throw off his jacket and fall face first onto his bed. He pressed his face against the pillows and let out a sigh. Tonight, after finding out what the others discovered…then maybe he’d tell them about Heechul’s job. Maybe…maybe…

It had been Leeteuk and Heechul’s idea to take their dongsaengs to the park. They’d never been before, and it had been easy to slip away from Leeteuk’s nanny. Heechul had heard a story from another boy—Siwon didn’t remember the name—that there was a man that gave out ice cream at the park on hot days.

Unfortunately, once they’d gotten there, they’d found out that the man didn’t just give you the ice cream. It cost money. They’d retreated to the playground to try and come up with an idea. They--Heechul--refused to leave empty handed.

“Everyone empty your pockets.” Heechul ordered.

“Why?” Kyuhyun asked sullenly, kicking at the dirt.

“The ice cream that the man gives out doesn’t cost much, so if we all have some change we can get something.”

“But it’ll only be one popsicle…” Siwon whispered. “…and all I have in my pocket are my crayons.”

Heechul sighed. “What about you two?”

Leeteuk shook his head.

“Ya! In the movies all the kids have change in their pockets! Are you all freaks?”

“Do you expect the change to just appear?” Leeteuk sighed, “You don’t have any either, do you?”

Heechul huffed and didn’t answer.

“I have something hyung!” Kyuhyun called out proudly, ‘digging into his pockets.

Heechul leaned forward expectantly. “What? Where? How much?”

Kyuhyun pulled his hand out and held it up for inspection, beaming, happy that he could contribute.

Heechul stared at Kyuhyun’s hand. A second later he snatched the rubber ball from Kyuhyun’s grasp with a glare. “Ya! How will this get us icecream?” He threw the ball with all his might.

“My ball!” Kyuhyun ran after the toy.

“Chulie…” Leeteuk called out in warning. “Go apologize.”

Heechul huffed, but stomped off in the direction Kyuhyun had ran. Siwon and Leeteuk followed behind. Kyuhyun was standing near the sidewalk when they found him, looking up at three large men in black suits.

Heechul ran up to Kyuhyun and pushed him behind him, looking up at the men warily. Leeteuk grabbed Siwon’s arm and stopped him from going forward. He did take a few more steps, however, to grab Kyuhyun and push him in Siwon’s direction before standing next to Heechul.

One of the men crouched down to look Heechul in the eye. He smiled—it was strained and his teeth were discolored and uneven. “Hello there.”

None of the children spoke.

The man held out the rubber ball. “I’ll give this back if you tell me which one of you is Cho Kyuhyun.”

Kyuhyun squirmed from where he stood by Siwon, but Siwon grabbed him and held him still. He didn’t like these people…they looked scary.

Heechul cast a quick glance at Kyuhyun and Siwon before he held out his hand and looked up at the men. Kyuhyun was tall for his age and Heechul was rather short. It made the two relatively close in height and with Heechul’s fragile-looking figure, it would be easy to imagine him as the youngest in the group.

 “That’s my ball. I’m Cho Kyuhyun.”

Siwon’s eyes shot open and he let out a choked groan. He turned his face away from the pillow—suffocating to death didn’t seem like a very good option at the moment—and breathed in deeply, staring at the bedside table and the expensive lamp perched atop its polished surface.

Why was he remembering that now? Oh, that’s right…because he’d mentioned it to Heechul earlier. That day at the park…

Kyuhyun didn’t even remember the incident…did Leeteuk? Siwon didn’t know how anyone could forget something like that.

He’d never forgotten the sound of Heechul’s scream.

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