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Blood Brothers II Chapter 10


(A/N: READ FIRST! So, a lot of people were confused with the ending of the last chapter. Yes, that was Zhou Mi saying he loves Heechul, but he doesn’t mean it romantically. And yes, Heechul already knows that Hangeng was the one who shot at him. He’s a bit more shocked at the news that Zhou Mi tried to kill Kyuhyun and Teuk. Just wanted to clear that up since people were freaking out. Things are going to be explained in this chapter so…enjoy!)
Title: Blood Brothers II
Pairing: KyuTeukChul, HanChul, YeWook, EunHae, SiChulfriendship, MiMin (Is that the name for Zhou Mi x Sungmin pairing?) possible other pairings in the future.
Rating: M
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, action, thriller
Summary:  The cycle of revenge is never-ending, unless someone learns to forgive.

Chapter 9 ---- Chapter 11


“Because I love him!” And Zhou Mi went silent as well. The two stared at one another, breathing heavily, glaring.

A soft thud met their statement and both turned to the doorway. Heechul stood there, hands held lax in front of him and a pile of text books at his feet.

“…you did what…?”

Hangeng hadn’t expected anything else after Zhou Mi’s outburst. He’d expected Zhou Mi to realize that they both had something to hide from Heechul and that it would keep Zhou Mi out of his and Heechul’s relationship.

He hadn’t thought Heechul would hear him. He panicked, throat tightening. He hadn’t accused Zhou Mi just to have Heechul hear it. He wasn’t supposed to be there. The fact that all those years ago, Zhou Mi had hired someone to take out Park Jungsu and Cho Kyuhyun had been between the two of them. No one else was supposed to know.

Especially not Heechul.

Zhou Mi looked terrified. He took a step forward, “Xi Che ge—”

“What did you do?” Heechul’s voice shook and he stepped back, back to the door that he hadn’t completely closed. He looked ready to bolt, and that frightened both Zhou Mi and Hangeng more than anything else.

“You…when…?” He managed to get out, holding up his hands as Zhou Mi advanced, “Don’t, don’t come near me. Tell me.”

Zhou Mi looked like he’d been physically punched at Heechul’s words, but he gave a small nod. “…your first year of college.” When Zhou Mi was still in high school. When Zhou Mi was supposed to be focusing on his studies so he could join Heechul in studying business so they could continue Heechul’s plans for revenge. When Zhou Mi had figured it would be easier for everyone if Cho Kyuhyun and Park Jungsu were dead.

He would have preferred it if Heechul yelled, if Heechul hit and punched and screamed. But this…Heechul’s soft voice, cold as his eyes glittered darkly...Zhou Mi couldn’t handle it.

“Heechul—” Hangeng began, trying to come between the two, to lessen the anger that was emanating from the elder.

“How?” His voice was oddly calm, and he’d reached down to pick up the books he’d dropped. He stacked them and placed them on the table beside the coat rack as he waited for Zhou Mi to answer.

Zhou Mi knew that he’d lied enough. The truth was the only thing that could perhaps heal this, even if it would hurt more in the beginning. But Zhou Mi didn’t want to deceive his ge anymore, to live with that underlying fear that one day Heechul would discover the truth and hate him. “…I had them cut the brakes. I wanted them to feel the same pain you did.”

The most horrible thing was seeing the acceptance in Heechul’s eyes, knowing that he would never hate them for anything they did. It would only be a matter of time before he forgave Zhou Mi like he forgave Hangeng and it would be normal again—on the surface. But the betrayal, that small dishonesty, would make it painful and unbearable.

Would it tear Zhou Mi apart like it was doing Hangeng?

“I need to be away from you two.” Heechul finally spoke, not looking at them. He was fiddling with his phone. “I’m going out.”

Going out? Leaving? Because the two were synonymous in Hangeng’s mind and it meant that Heechul might not come back. He had to stop him somehow. Zhou Mi wasn’t being of any help. He was staring after Heechul like a lost child.

“Park Jungsu and Cho Kyuhyun are here.” Because maybe the fear of meeting them would make Heechul stay, make him not leave them. Zhou Mi blinked, finally coming out of his stupor to look at Hangeng.

Heechul stared at them both for a moment before nodding. “I know.”

Hangeng and Zhou Mi had not been expecting that response. He knew? How? Hangeng’s eyes narrowed a bit. Had Heechul kept information from them as well? Did he want to meet them? Panic then, as Hangeng tried to calm himself. It couldn’t be that. He couldn’t want to meet them now.

“Then stay here. It will be dangerous.” Zhou Mi finally spoke, his voice the same level-headed tone that he usually used. Calm. Trying his hardest not to cry.

“I…don’t want to see you two right now. I’ll be back in the morning.” Heechul headed for the door again.


“I’m not going to do anything stupid.” Heechul’s voice was weary. “I just need some time to think, don’t worry about it.” And he was gone.


Yesung woke up and let out a groan of pain. He’d fallen asleep halfway between the couch and the TV, his face stuck to the remote. Both were covered in soju.

He blinked.

This…wasn’t his house.

He sat up completely, and this caused the leg that was slung over his back to slide off. He turned to see Ryeowook asleep on the couch. The leg that had been resting on Yesung’s back was now hanging off of the edge of the couch, his socked foot skimming the carpet.

He looked unrefined and relaxed, nothing at all like the Ryeowook of Yumyeong Industries.

Yesung slowly stood, shaky from the alcohol. When had they even brought out the soju—and where had it come from? He didn’t take Ryeowook for the type to have the alcohol, and well, he hadn’t brought any with him when he’d come over.

As he stood in the middle of the living room he wondered what he should do next. Should he leave now while Ryeowook was sleeping? Or would that make Ryeowook panic? Maybe they’d both been so drunk Ryeowook would assume the worst.

From the state of his clothing, Yesung was more than certain that nothing had happened. But Ryeowook may not think of it that way when he woke up.

But if he stayed…would Ryeowook freak out? And Ryeowook had work later in the day, didn’t he? Maybe he should wake him up…Yesung swallowed before he lifted his hand and shook Ryeowook’s shoulder.

Ryeowook groaned, swatting at the offending hand. He opened his eyes and blinked wearily. Why did his head hurt so much? His vision was blurry and when it finally focused, he found Yesung staring down at him worriedly.

He shot up into a sitting position, “What are you doing?” His voice was frantic and high-pitched and he was staring around the room—popcorn was everywhere, the bowl had been upturned—and then down at his clothes. All there. Not disturbed. He swallowed.

“I think we passed out because we drank too much.” Yesung supplied. “Um, Ryeowook-ssi, I’m going to head out. I have some stuff I need to do. And you have work so I’m sure you’d like to get ready…” He trailed off, cleared his throat, and simply stood. “So um, I had fun last night. It was good.” His eyes widened and he waved his hands in front of his face, “The movie was good! That’s what I meant. Really! We didn’t do anything!”

Ryeowook had never seen someone move so quickly to the door or put on their shoes as fast as Yesung did. He was gone before Ryeowook could stop him, and Ryeowook was left sitting on his couch, thoroughly confused.

He reached up a hand to rub his forehead and groaned. He needed some painkillers, and fast. He looked up to glance at the clock and let out another groan.

He had thirty minutes to get to work.


Kyuhyun, despite everyone’s warnings about the dangers of walking around China—without knowing Chinese—at night, had been plotting. He knew that he needed to be the first to find Heechul. He didn’t know quite if it was because he thought he was the only one who could beat/talk to/kiss his hyung or if it was because deep down, he’d be jealous if Leeteuk met him first.

It couldn’t be that last one. He hated Heechul. There was no way he was jealous of anyone. Or that’s what he told himself, at least.

There was a problem with his plan to head out and scour Hong Kong however. That problem came in the form of Siwon and Sungmin.

Leeteuk had, interestingly enough, come to China with a business venture in mind. He’d headed off to check out a few companies to try and develop a friendship between them and get some financial support for Yumyeong. Kangin had gone with him, naturally.

Siwon and Sungmin were playing cards in the living room.

Kyuhyun stood in the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. His face was pale, there were bags under his eyes, and a faint bruise on his cheek from where he’d run into the wall earlier that day when Kangin had passed by from his shower and had slapped his towel on Kyuhyun’s ass.

He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since Heechul had been shot. At first it had been guilt—the bullet was meant for him, him—and then there was anger and rage and hurt over the betrayal and the crushing feeling of being in love and then realizing the person you loved didn’t love you back.

Then, the knowledge that Heechul was alive—Kyuhyun hadn’t known what to think. He didn’t know how he should feel. Relieved? Excited? Happy? Furious? All he’d known was that he had to see him with his own eyes. When that happened, when he finally saw him, everything would fit into place. Everything else would go as it needed to. He was too afraid to think of what would happen when he saw him, because he was ashamed to admit that maybe he wouldn’t feel so much like punching him as he would hugging him.

He shook it off, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bottle of pills. His anti-nausea medicine for motion sickness. It knocked people out after thirty minutes. He palmed a few pills and stuffed the bottle back into his jacket before heading out into the hall before heading for the small kitchenette.

“What did you guys want to drink?”

“Coffee for me.” Siwon called.

“I can mix my own drink.” Sungmin murmured, not looking up from his cards.

Kyuhyun grinned, “I’ll get you your usual, ok?”

“Whatever. Thanks.” Sungmin nodded, gaze flickering up to Siwon before going back down to his cards.

Kyuhyun headed into the kitchen and crushed up the pills, pouring half of it into a mug of coffee and half into a scotch glass. A few moments later he was placing the cups in front of them, scanning the cards over Sungmin’s shoulder.

“You should fold.” He commented, “Siwon’s hand is better.”

“Stop that!” Siwon whined, “I know you’re just trying to screw with me. You’re trying to make Sungmin win. You’ve always been doing that.”

Kyuhyun grinned, and his grin grew as Siwon grabbed his coffee, blew on it, and took a few sips. Sungmin had already downed most of his drink as well. Kyuhyun leaned back in his chair.

Now it was only a matter of time.


Heechul had gone out to get a few drinks. He’d been tempted to visit Mama Han but he knew that Leeteuk and the others might be looking for him so he couldn’t. So he’d frequented a few bars, to the point that he was contentedly buzzed but still sober enough to be aware of his surroundings—he’d never allowed himself to get completely drunk before.

He wasn’t fond of not being able to know what was going on around him. He had enough bad memories of downtown Hong Kong. He certainly didn’t want to add to them just because he’d gotten a little drunk so that he wouldn’t have to remember the conversation he’d overheard a few hours ago.

The entire time he was stumbling contentedly down the street he’d been trying to decipher everything that had happened. On the base level he took everything for what it was worth. Zhou Mi had been responsible for the car accident that had almost killed Cho Kyuhyun and Park Jungsu.

11 months or so ago, the only thing about that scenario that would have made him mad was the fact that he wouldn’t have been in charge of causing the pain…and that Zhou Mi had done something dangerous that could have gotten him caught.

Now…now…well, that was what annoyed him. He was angry, angry at Zhou Mi. He hadn’t been angry when Hangeng had shot him. No, because he’d been relieved.

Heechul paused as he leaned against a building, brushing his bangs out of his eyes.

He’d been relieved because it had been him that was hit and not Kyuhyun.

Well fuck, he laughed softly to himself. The sound was harsh and rusty and not at all attractive. He figured that it was his old instincts, from his day as Kyuhyun’s hyung and the boy that threw snowballs at Leeteuk and stole his cookies. His protectiveness of the two from his childhood was making him protective of them now, subconsciously, even when he was supposed to hate him.

It was probably something psychological. It probably had a fancy German name. He’d ask Zhou Mi about it later.

Zhou Mi…the problem at hand. Heechul sighed softly. He wanted to pretend he hadn’t heard anything. Zhou Mi was his brother. More than a biological one. Zhou Mi was his little didi! They’d shared the loss of parents, the loss of identity…all of that they’d done together. He didn’t share that bond with anyone, not even his favorite dongsaeng.

How could he hate Zhou Mi? He couldn’t, but who could he hate then? The fact that it was Zhou Mi that had done it made things so much more complicated. And why, why had his heart stopped when he’d heard that Zhou Mi was responsible?

This wasn’t something he could simply ignore and push aside. He needed to face it. And that…was going to take a few more glasses of soju to do. He figured he’d rent a room somewhere, wallow in his own misery and drunkenness, wake up with the world’s worst hangover, and then head to the University for his classes.

The perfect plan.

And it would have gone perfectly, if someone hadn’t punched him.

He stumbled, falling to the ground as pain lanced his jaw. He winced, and even though he was disoriented, his survival instincts and training kicked in. He may not have been a martial arts expert like Zhou Mi or Hangeng, but he was capable of defending himself against most attackers.

He spun, balancing himself and grabbing his attacker, throwing them against the wall.

“I’m drunk, but not enough to not be able to kick your sorry ass.” Heechul slurred, gaze going from the man’s suit to his face. He blinked, and let go immediately.

This…could not be happening. “Hong Kong covers 426 square miles. Surely the possibility of meeting you here is slim to none.”

Kyuhyun moved the moment Heechul let go, swinging again. Heechul caught his arm and threw him to the ground. Kyuhyun hit the pavement with a growl.

Heechul sighed softly, “Go back to your hotel suite, Cho Kyuhyun. I’m sure all your little friends and that pink-loving bodyguard are waiting for you. I’d rather not be here when they come storming to your rescue.”

“Stop!” Kyuhyun pushed himself up. “I need to talk to you!”

“I don’t intend to stand here while you use me as a punching bag.” Heechul sighed. He didn’t need this, he really didn’t. The only thing he could currently rely on was his wit, and even that was waning because of the alcohol. He turned, ready to head back down the street.

“I’m going to—you fucking bastard, you can’t leave!”

Heechul turned back, “I broke your heart, I got shot in the chest and almost died, I think we’re even. I’m going now.”

“Don’t you dare walk away!” Kyuhyun roared. By this time the small population of the street had gone quiet, turning to watch the encounter.

 “Your inability to process or listen to anything I say is astounding.” Heechul laughed softly, but the sound was not one of amusement. “I have nothing to say to you.”

“Well I have something to say to you!” Kyuhyun yelled back, surprising Heechul with the desperation that laced his voice. “So shut up and listen.”

“I’m not your girlfriend anymore, Kyuhyun. I don’t have to obey your every demand.” Heechul scoffed, and he saw pain and anger in Kyuhyun’s eyes. Good, this was better than desperation.

Kyuhyun slammed Heechul up against a wall.

Heechul was surprised at Kyuhyun’s aggression, and the fact that Heechul was drunk enough to let it happen. The people on the street had scattered by now. Anyone out this late in downtown Hong Kong weren’t the most upstanding of citizens and they wouldn’t hang around when a fight broke out.

Kyuhyun didn’t know what was fueling him at the moment. He’d been walking down the street and then he’d spotted him. Pure luck. God was obviously on his side. He’d seen Heechul leaning against a brick wall and for a moment, his breath had stuck in his lungs.

He’d never seen him dressed as a boy before. It had been odd, and scary, and Kyuhyun couldn’t deny that despite the clothing, Heechul was as beautiful as when he’d been Hee-Sook. There’d been a bubbling of relief because Heechul was there—and alive, alive.

Alive and glowing in the flickering light of a nearby bar. Kyuhyun hadn’t understood why he’d looked at him and had felt something besides anger. No, it was something very different, and the fact that his pants had become tight had made him frustrated and embarrassed.

He’d done the only thing he could do.

He’d punched him.

And now he had him pushed against the wall and he wasn’t sure what he was going to do if Heechul didn’t fight back. Because Heechul was staring at him with that annoying calm smile of his, and he didn’t look at all surprised or threatened with Kyuhyun’s appearance.

Even as a child, he’d always acted like he knew everything. Had always told Kyuhyun off and teased him.

Kyuhyun swallowed, because Heechul’s face was closer than he’d anticipated. He could smell his breath every time he exhaled. Soju, and maybe some other kind of alcohol. His breath was hot, and his lips were full—full and gleaming in the half-light and dammit, Kyuhyun’s pants felt several sizes too small.

This was not supposed to be happening!

He was supposed to be furious, not aroused! Kim Heechul was a man. Cho Kyuhyun was a man. Cho Kyuhyun should not be getting a hard on simply because Kim Heechul was an insanely gorgeous man. He tried to hide his arousal with anger as he tightened his grip on Heechul’s coat and pressed him further against the wall.

“Are you going to kill me now?” Heechul asked calmly. He smiled that old smirk that infuriated Kyuhyun, but it didn’t reach his eyes. They remained glazed over and cold.

“I want to crush you.” Because it was true. He just wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it violently, or crush Heechul against the wall and molest him.

“Don’t you know the easiest way to get your revenge?” Heechul grinned, a pained, sinister action. “Why don’t you just make me fall in love with you and then crush my heart like I did yours?”

Kyuhyun paused, hands loosening a bit on Heechul’s coat in shock. “What…?”

Heechul leaned forward, lips grazing his ear. “All you really want to do is fuck me senseless, right? Isn’t that your only regret?” And he laughed, slipping out of Kyuhyun’s hold before the other man could react.

Kyuhyun moved a second later, grabbing Heechul’s arm in a tight, painful grip, “Don’t do this to me, you bastard.”

“…I look forward to your revenge.” Heechul grinned before pulling his hand out of Kyuhyun’s grip and heading back out onto the street.


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