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Fandom/Ship: KyuTeukChul [Kyuhyun x Leeteuk x Heechul], YeWook, MiMin, EunHae, HanChul
Rating: R
Genres: thriller, action, romance
Summary: Revenge is a bittersweet fruit. Once you have taken a bite, the taste never leaves. It lingers in the throat, under the tongue, on every taste bud. Kim Heechul became used to the taste long ago.
Fandom/Ship: KyuTeukChul, YeWook, MiMin, EunHae, HanChul
Rating: R
Genres: action, romance, thriller
Summary: The cycle of revenge is never-ending, unless someone learns to forgive.
Fandom/Ship: HanChul, KyuChul, KangTeuk, EunKiHae, YeWook
Rating: R
Genres: superhero AU, action
Summary: When Cho Kyuhyun was infected with the GAM Virus, he’d thought he was going to die. Everyone who got it did. If you contracted the virus, you were as good as gone. There was no treatment, no cure, and nothing to aid you toward a quick death. It was slow, painful, and most people committed suicide—or had loved one’s aid them in doing so—before the disease took them willingly.Or that’s what he’d thought, anyway.
Fandom/Ship:Pairings will appear in the future, SHINee and 2PM-centric
Rating: R
Genres: superhero AU, action
Summary: 2 years after the terrorist attack on the Sam-injo Government Building (Training Facility 3), the GAM virus has seemingly disappeared. The rest of the world, ignorant of the government’s involvement and the true nature of Training Facility 3, continues to function as it did before the GAM virus appeared. But as the virus begins to slowly revive itself, secrets are uncovered and alliances are made. And not everyone wants to change the world. Some of them just want to control it.
Fandom/Ship: Multiple
Rating: Various
Genres: Highschool AU
Summary: This drabble series revolves around several pairings, all dealing with the same time period, beginning with the KiHyuk story, of which most of the other stories branch out from.
Fandom/Ship: KangTeuk [Kangin x Leeteuk]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: romance, songfic
Summary: The clock in the kitchen says 2:55, and the clock in the kitchen is slow.
Fandom/Ship: HenBum [Henry x Kibum]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU, thriller, action, chaptered fic
Summary: “Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time” --- Arab Proverb
Fandom/Ship: HenBum [Henry x Kibum]
Rating: PG
Genres: comfort, fluff
Summary: Kibum needs to escape and Henry conveniently has an empty bunk in his dorm room.
Fandom/Ship: KiHyuk [Kibum x Eunhyuk]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU, comedy
Summary: Inspired by Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake. It’s Donghae’s Bachelor Party and as the best man, it’s only logical that Lee Hyukjae would be there. And it was also only logical that the hot female in the short leopard print skirt was a least to Hyukjae.
Fandom/Ship:KiHyuk [Kibum x Eunhyuk]
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: Heebum goes off in search of his fathers and finds much more than he bargained for. Everything would have been much simpler if Heechul hadn’t installed those damn cat doors in all the rooms.
Fandom/Ship:YeKyuHyukChul [Yesung x Kyuhyun x Eunhyuk x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres:crack, so much crack, more crack than smut
Summary: Heechul and Yesung play a game. Kyuhyun plays along. Eunhyuk is a victim. Siwon is a horrified bystander. The Lion King is now a tainted Disney classic.
Fandom/Ship:HanChul (can be interpreted as you see fit) and Heechul x Henry x Zhou Mi x Kibum friendship.
Rating: PG
Genres: friendship, not really angst?, comfort
Summary: The empty bed in Heechul’s room is much too big, but when the other three pile onto it, Heechul feels like it’s just right. There is no fairytale ending, but the ending result is pleasant enough. It is reality, and it is comforting.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChulMi [Kyuhyun x Heechul x Zhou Mi]
Rating: PG
Genres: fluff, comfortish, mostly just fluff
Summary: Heechul enjoys finding metaphors for everything, including his relationship with Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi.
Fandom/Ship: Sungmin-centric
Rating: R
Genres:dark, twisted romance, character death, gore
Summary: Inspired loosely by G-Dragon’s music video for She’s Gone. It’s possibly my favorite of G-Dragon’s songs. Sungmin can’t let go.
Fandom/Ship/Characters:current one-sided!MinBum, past!MinBum, KiMi [Kibum x Zhou Mi], Ryeowook
Rating: R
Genres:psychological thriller, angst, dark
Summary:Sequel to Perfect Nightmare “The official police investigation has stated that the disappearance of renowned artist Kim Kibum in Ascoli Piceno, Italy was the workings of his then boyfriend, Chinese model Zhou Mi. The evidence suggests that the model later committed suicide in his lover’s art studio, though a body has yet to be found. Kim Kibum’s whereabouts remain unknown, but the police hold little hope of finding the artist alive.” Armed with the belief that his childhood friend Zhou Mi is innocent, private detective Kim Ryeowook heads to Italy to clear his name and find the true killer. Along the way he discovers a truth he had not wanted, and one man’s obsessions and his inability to let go.
Fandom/Ship/Characters: KiMin [Kibum x Sungmin], Henry
Rating: PG-13
Genres: romance, melodrama
Summary: Breaking up isn’t the end.
Fandom/Ship:Kyuhyun-centric, QMiMin, CinHae, ninja!HenBum
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Business AU, crack, comedy
Summary: Kyuhyun was hired due to a lack of pants and finds himself thrown into a chaotic world of licentious floor supervisors, invisible floor supervisors, managers that pretend to be normal office workers, an unpredictable cat loving CEO, employees that spend more time watching dramas and touching people than working, and an overbearing secretary with the mindset of a mother grizzly protecting her young. Somewhere along the way he finds himself drawn into their crazy family. When a rival company threatens Cinderella Enterprises, Kyuhyun is ready to put life and limb on the line to protect the people he has come to love and respect.
Fandom/Ship:I've destroyed any OTP you've ever had. Except YeWook. There is a crapload of pairings
Rating: PG-13 to R
Genres:every single genre of fanfiction thrown into one story, crack, so much crack, comedy
Summary: Every single genre of fanfiction ever written thrown into one story…in which Kangin is a woman and Leeteuk is gay, Henry loves maple syrup a little too much to be normal, Kibum is a vampire, Minho is a horrible guardian angel, Kyuhyun fights for animal rights, Siwon is a werewolf, and Sungmin goes to Hogwarts. Oh, and Ryeowook is a fish. And somehow a plot was born.
Fandom/Ship: KiHyuk
Genres: thriller, horror, detective
Summary:Officer Lee Hyukjae investigates the appearance of a new drug “Ghost” and discovers a world unlike any he’s ever experienced.
Fandom/Ship: multiple
Rating: PG-13
Genres: comedy, crack
Summary: this drabble series centers around Henry being confused and scarred for life and Kyuhyun assuming that all of the other band members belong to him. Atheism and Heechul |
Fandom/Ship: MiMin [Zhou Mi x Sungmin]
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A look into the mysterious MiMin fight scene in Blood Brothers, as inspired by Dr. Feel Goodby Rania.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul, QMi, onesided!MiChul
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU, romance, comfort
Summary: It took two car accidents for Kyuhyun and Heechul to admit their love.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU, romance
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun is a struggling high school graduate trying to support his gaming addiction and pay his way through college. Kim Heechul is the black sheep of one of Korea’s richest families who is looking for someone to torture for the summer in his never ending boredom. All Kyuhyun wanted was a few extra bucks. All Heechul wanted was a pool boy. Neither was expecting to fall in love.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: NC-17
Genres: angst, romance, melodrama
Summary: If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will. Kyuhyun fell in love with Kim Heechul without ever seeing his face.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: angst, romance, melodrama
Summary: If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will. Heechul couldn’t accept the irony of falling in love with a man pretending to be his dead lover.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: crack, comedy
Summary: Some legends are born, some are created, and some are made up. Most involve leather.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG
Genres: comedy, drabble
Summary: In which Siwon wins, and because of that, so does South Korea. And this was, obviously, Heechul’s plan from the beginning.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: Angst? Romance?
Summary: He got the call at three in the morning and regretted picking it up.
Fandom/Ship: KyuChul [Kyuhyun x Heechul]
Rating: PG-13
Genres: comedy, almost smut?
Summary: Eunhyuk is eating eggs, Sungmin is sleeping, Heechul and Kyuhyun are horny, and Yesung and Ryeowook are traumatized. All-in-all, a typical morning in the Super Junior apartments.
Fandom/Ship: HanChul [Hangeng x Heechul]
Rating: PG
Genres: fluff
Summary: Heechul realizes that growing old just wouldn’t be as fun without his Chinaman and discovers the power of the number three. Heebum is a gold-digger.

army of donghae

I'm not dead yet, in fact, I think I'm getting better.

Monty Python quotations aside...hello everyone!

I haven't been active lately...and I realized that the main reason was because there seemed to be an extreme lack of enthusiasm over What Doesn't Kill You 2, from both readers and myself. I know that the story isn't as gripping as the first, because it is plot-driven rather than action, and everyone wants their good old SJ boys back. I do too, which is why it's also hard for me to write this one when my heart isn't completely in it. But this story is imperative for the third to take place.

I wanted to know how many of you really really want to see WDKMS II fully written out. If there aren't many of you, I was thinking of doing a general outline of the next few chapters to try and wrap up this story and get on with the third, which I am much more excited about. The thing is, I know how all of these stories end in my head. I'm writing it for you guys to share and enjoy, so I really want all of you to look forward to the writing.
army of donghae

Twas The Night Before Christmas

[A/N: I feel so guilty...I was going to save this for Christmas but now I feel so bad about not updating and this is done so I thought I'd post it so you can all have something to read.]

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the company not a trainee was stirring because Heechul said it was bedtime and he’d cut a bitch if they were loud.
It had been decided, upon the prompting of Lee Soo Man the tyranny of Kim Heechul that in order to further the bonds of the so called SM Family, a sleepover was in order. A tree sat in a corner of the dance hall, with presents bursting beneath its lowermost branches. Down the hall, the raucous singing of carols from the older idols drunk off their asses from spiked eggnog drifted through the air conditioning vents.

Heechul frowned. He had warned them threatened that if they were too loud they would awaken on Christmas morning to their heads shaved and their Christmas presents donated to the orphans. And by orphans, he meant himself.

But I digress, the point of this story has not been made. Kim Heechul had wanted the older idols quiet because it was bedtime for his babies. His children needed to sleep before Santa Claus could fill their stockings, and for children to sleep, a story had to be told.

So the group of young children, all snug in their sleeping bags, stared up through the fake flickering candlelight at their mother for a story he had promised would be quite spectacular.

Precious D.O. and Baekhyun were huddled side by side, their mouths filled with peppermint and their eyes opened wide.

And Tao in his Gucci and Sehun in his cap had just settled down on their father Hannie’s lap.

Sulli watched her mother with a wonder-filled stare as Krystal sat down beside her and braided her hair.

Kai just wanted to sleep and Chanyeol wanted pie and Suho wanted eggnog and Chen wanted Kai.

“Now children,” Heechul sat on the edge of the large chair that he’d gotten from Soo Man’s office and had Siwon drag all the way there. “there is something I must say before we begin, I’d like you to know that my patience is running thin.”

“I don’t like interruptions, I don’t like being ignored so keep quiet and listen even if you’re bored. Your uncles are drunk and your aunts probably are too I can only rely on your fathers—and that’s debatable. But mommy loves you so let’s all begin with the story of Snow White and the seven odd men.”


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves aka Kibum and the Seven Nuisances

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. This princess was named Kim Kibum and he had the most beautiful teeth. They were perfectly straight and white as snow. And because of this, he had been given the nickname Snow White.

Now Snow White, like all other fairytale princesses, was met with tragedy quite early on in his life. His mother had died when he was young, and his father King Yesung had recently remarried.

Queen Sungmin was beautiful in his own right, with locks the color of platinum gold and a cute smile that melted the hearts of all who saw it. Now Queen Sungmin also had a mirror. A mirror hung upon the wall in his chamber that, when the proper spell was used, would speak back. All one had to say was “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose smile is the fairest of them all?”

And the mirror, whose name was Shindong for reasons that will not be explained ever, would always reply with “Queen Sungmin, fair queen, of aegyo and pink, no one could have a smile as beautiful as yours.”

But on the day of princess Kibum’s 18th birthday, Queen Sungmin had gone to his room as usual, and spoke the words to Shindong. “Mirror mirror on the wall, whose smile is the fairest of them all?”

Shindong, who had been trying to take a proper selca to show off his recent weight loss, pursed his lips and turned, his face grave. “Queen Sungmin, fair queen, of aegyo and pink, your smile isn’t as breathtaking as you still seem to think.”

Queen Sungmin, who had been checking her reflection in Shindong’s camera screen, gave him a frosty glare. “What?”

The problem with Queen Sungmin was that he did not enjoy competition, especially not where his smile was concerned. And Queen Sungmin knew martial arts so it was very possible that he would roundhouse kick Shindong in the face if he didn’t answer the way he wanted him to.

But Shindong, along with being a mirror that could tell who had the most beautiful smile, was also a mirror that couldn’t lie. It had gotten him into quite a bit of trouble in the past. There was a crack on the left side of his mirror that had caused the attacker an absorbent amount of bad luck. Shindong couldn’t afford to get it repaired, and Queen Sungmin didn’t seem to want to get it done either.

“Fair queen, a recent Mnet poll was taken to vote on the smile most fair and when the number one spot was announced, your name wasn’t there.”

“And whose name was?” Queen Sungmin glared with all his might.

“The princess, fair Kim Kibum. His smile melted the hearts of idols and netizens alike. And his arms are to die for.”

Queen Sungmin glowered and glared and Shindong was certain that he was going to crack Shindong in two. But Sungmin’s frown turned into a tight smile. “Kim Kibum, you say? Well we’ll see about that. Our dear princess has been working himself to death lately.” Queen Sungmin pulled out his cell phone and began dialing a number. “I think he needs a break.”

Now the person he’d called was a woodsman who went by the name of Ryeowook. This woodsman was a popular choice for a hitman because he hardly looked like he could be a woodsman at all, let alone a hired assassin. But he was wiry, and he’d recently been going to the gym to work on his abs.

Queen Sungmin smoothed his coat and sat down in his chair as Ryeowook entered the room. “I want him taken care of, I think you know how.”

“The fee is expensive.”

Queen Sungmin scoffed. “You have a particular set of skills, I have a particular set of treasure chests, and Kim Kibum has a particular set of teeth that I want taken out.”

So later that day, princess Kim Kibum was told that there was a special present waiting for him in the woods just outside of the castle grounds. Now, Kim Kibum wasn’t stupid. Why the hell would anyone get him a present and stick it in the middle of the woods and expect him to go and get it?

So that plan didn’t work out quite as well as Queen Sungmin and Ryeowook had hoped. In the end, they’d sufficed to drugging his water and sneaking him out the back passageway so that Ryeowook could deal with him properly.

But as Ryeowook stopped in the forest and stood over princess Kim Kibum with a pair of pliers, he found that he could not do it. For Kim Kibum was too fair, too perfect to be ruined. His teeth were so even and white, it would be a shame to ruin them. And his arms, oh his ARMS.

So Ryeowook went back to the castle with a bag full of fake teeth he’d bought off of ebay and told the queen that the deed had been done. The Queen announced to both the distraught king and the populace that Kibum had decided to focus on his acting career at the moment and would therefore not be making many public appearances.

Now this was fine and dandy in the fact that Kibum was still alive. But he’d been left drugged in the middle of the forest and that wasn’t safe at all, especially not with his beautiful smile and delicious arms.

Thank god the boy awoke before he could be mugged or raped or kidnapped and locked in some sasaeng fan’s basement. But he was still quite befuddled from the drugs he’d been given and stumbled through the woods in the opposite direction of the castle.

Deep in the woods he came upon a dormitory. He walked inside, fell atop a couch in the main room, and promptly fell asleep again.

Little did he know that he’d come upon the dorm of seven eccentric idols and that his life had become a lot more troublesome.


Kibum awoke slowly to a weight on his chest and no idea as to where he was. Had he been kidnapped? Ah, that’s right, he’d been drugged. And now he was on a couch in a building he’d found in the middle of the woods. That hadn’t been a safe choice but in his defense he HAD been drugged.

And there was something lying atop him. Something entirely too heavy to be comfortable. It also smelled mildly like alcohol. Princess Kibum glared down at the offending presumed rapist/mugger/serial killer and waited for him to notice. When the rapist/mugger/serial killer did not awaken under Kibum’s vicious glare, he opted for kicking it.

The attacker landed on the ground with a thump and an “oof!” and rolled over with a groan. “Why did you do that!?” It slurred, and Kibum decided it was male. Or a female body builder. Kibum liked to think he didn’t stereotype or follow cultural gender constructs, so he’d leave all his options open.

“Tipsy!” Another person walked in from the other room and stopped. “Ah, you’re awake!” He had large dimples that deepened as he smiled at the princess. And then he turned to the man he had just named Tipsy, placed his hands on his hips, and nagged.

Kibum wasn’t quite sure what exactly he was saying, because he tuned his lecture out and looked around the room. He didn’t quite feel threatened, but he couldn’t let his guard down. These could be sasaengs, after all.

“I didn’t do anything!” Tipsy roared. He was a large bear of a man, but he seemed to cower beneath the other’s nagging.

“Watch your language!” The other snapped, “The children will hear!” Kibum didn’t know why Tipsy was called Tipsy, but he supposed it was the constant alcohol smell and the slurred speech. So if this was how names were doled out, he decided that the other must be Naggy.

“Children?” Princess Kibum didn’t think that these two should be allowed children. An alcoholic and an overbearing mother did not make good parental figures.

“Oh, yes.” Naggy seemed to remember that he was there only then. “Shall we introduce you? Children! Come here!”

They were, thankfully, not ACTUALLY the children of Naggy and Tipsy. They called themselves The Seven Dwarves and seemed to believe they were going to be the biggest pop idol group in the whole kingdom. They’d even given themselves ridiculous names, which were all that Kibum could remember.

First there was Naggy, who was the leader. He was quite proud of himself for guessing that name correctly. And then of course Tipsy. Next came Pushy, a startlingly feminine man who Kibum decided was the true leader from the way he ordered everyone about. Then there was Bendy, a foreign man that Pushy seemed to own. At first Kibum didn’t understand why his name was Bendy until he’d walked in on him and Pushy and realized that Bendy was quite…flexible.

After Bendy was Smiley, another foreigner who was too tall and too cheerful for anyone’s taste. And where there was Smiley there was Acne, a boy that played Starcraft and snarked at his hyungs. And after that was Henry, which confused Kibum greatly. Because Henry was hardly the name for a dwarf. But Naggy said that it rhymed with the others and was therefore acceptable.

Kibum thought it was stupid.

But despite this, he found himself living quite comfortably with the seven dwarves. They were amusing. And here he didn’t have to fear the queen. Although he did miss his father and his pet turtles. King Yesung must have been beside himself with grief.

Kibum earned his keep in the seven dwarves’ dormitory by providing the dorm with milkshakes. The only problem was that Kibum’s milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard and that made it very difficult for them all. But Pushy and Acne came up with the brilliant plan that they could use this to put on impromptu performances and raise their popularity when the boys did indeed show up in the yard.

It was for this reason that The Seven Dwarves have the largest male fanbase in all of the kingdom.

But still, Kibum missed his father and his father’s turtles and his odd penchant for touching people’s philtrums. He would often sit in the windowsill and stare longingly out at the forest and the castle he knew lay beyond.

It was around this time that Queen Sungmin visited his mirror Shindong once more. He had been lavishing in the compliments and attention from the media and his husband—although he’d often go into periods of depression when he thought of his son—and so he’d neglected to check back with Shindong for several months. He’d gotten rid of Princess Kibum, after all, and had been enjoying his rise in popularity.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the fairest smile of them all?” Queen Sungmin checked his hair in the reflection, before Shindong’s face appeared. The mirror looked at him nervously. This…would not bode well.

“Queen Sungmin, fair queen of aegyo and pink, your rise in popularity has reached its peak. For soon Princess Kibum will return.”

Queen Sungmin blinked. “WHAT!?” This couldn’t be true! He had been tricked! It took only hours to discover that the woodsman Ryeowook had emptied his bank accounts and left the kingdom, so he could not ask him where he had gotten those teeth he had supposedly taken from Kibum.

But rumors had spread of a boy with the power to bring other boys to the yard with his milkshakes, and a boy band that performed in the woods. Queen Sungmin knew just who was behind it all. “You think you can live peacefully…but I’ll show you. You’ll never smile again!”

The dwarves had left for a cf filming and left princess Kibum alone for the day. He had decided to spend the day swimming, and had been doing just that when a knock sounded at the door. It took a few moments for him to get out of the pool and get to the front door, and he paused when he saw the man on the other side.

Oh dear. He hadn’t been making any milkshakes lately, so what was this boy doing here? “Excuse me, I don’t have any milkshakes. Come back in a few days.”

But the mysterious boy merely leapt forward with a chloroform covered rag. It was Queen Sungmin! Kibum dodged, and the fight that ensued was too amazing and bloody to be recorded here. But let’s just say that both sides were equally powerful, and if it hadn’t been for the chloroform, the fight probably would have lasted till the dwarves returned home.

But there was chloroform, and Queen Sungmin had been wearing a face mask for this very reason. Kibum finally succumbed to unconsciousness and Queen Sungmin fed him a poison. Now, this was a special poison that he’d created himself. It made the person seem dead even though they weren’t. Why Queen Sungmin didn’t just kill princess Kibum is unknown. Many people think it was because even the evil Queen Sungmin knew that Kibum was too beautiful and perfect to kill.

The dwarves returned to find Kibum lying on the floor just as Queen Sungmin made to escape. But the dwarves chased him to the ends of the kingdom and destroyed his stuffed animal collection, leaving him quite powerless.

Then they returned to their dormitory and wondered what to do, for they believed their fair Kibum to be dead.

Now it was around this time that a certain Prince was traveling through the kingdom. He was, of course, from a different kingdom near the sea. His name was Prince Donghae, and he rode with his retainer Eunhyuk in search of a princess to rescue. Because every proper prince rescued a princess before he became king.

It was on his third day of traveling that he came across the dormitory. A beautiful man was outside sunbathing, and Donghae brightened. Perhaps this was a princess! “Ho there! Are you in need of rescuing?”

“Excuse me?” The beautiful man lifted his sunglasses and looked the prince over. Then he paused. “Is that…are you riding a man?”

“No! This is my valiant steed, Siwon!” Donghae thought this person was quite odd. “Eunhyuk, do you think he’s a princess?”

Eunhyuk sighed. He didn’t want to be here. But then he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, a bed near the edge of the clearing. It was more like a shrine than anything else. And lying atop it was the most beautiful man that Eunhyuk had seen. And Eunhyuk was the retainer of Prince Donghae, so he’d seen quite a few beautiful men. “Donghae…” He pointed.

Donghae looked up from asking the beautiful man if he was a princess or not and his breath caught. “Is that…a princess…?” Oh he hoped so. He really, really hoped so.

“That’s princess Kibum. Who are you?” Pushy crossed his arms. “BENDY! CALL THE BOYS! SOMEONE WANTS OUR PRINCESS!” A large group of men piled out of the dormitory, some looking threatening but most of them looking rather confused and androgynous. And one looked slightly drunk.

“Eunhyuk, I’ll be back.” Donghae was already halfway across the clearing, and Eunhyuk was left to stand hopelessly beside Donghae’s valiant steed—who looked like it wanted to seduce the beautiful man—and wondered why he was making these life choices.

“I swear, we’re not here to hurt anyone! We just need a princess!”  Eunhyuk hid behind Siwon.

“Attack!” Pushy ordered, and the other dwarves did, except for Acne who watched from the sidelines because he didn’t think that he was needed for that kind of work and he’d just put on his acne facial mask so he couldn’t afford to break a sweat.

Now while all of the carnage was going on, Donghae had managed to reach princess Kibum’s bed. Truly, he had never seen such a beautiful creature…and that was when Eunhyuk came flying across the clearing and smacked into him, causing Donghae to fall forward and kiss the sleeping princess.

And Princess Kibum awoke at once, which made for quite an awkward moment because there were two men lying atop him and one had his tongue down Kibum’s throat, but it was all sorted out in the end. And they all felt quite foolish, because none of them had guessed that the antidote for Queen Sungmin’s poison was saliva.

In the end, princess Kibum married prince Donghae and moved to his kingdom by the sea where they lived as happily ever after as was possible for two men to live together in a world where same sex marriage was not a globally accepted institution.

“The end!” Heechul announced with a flourish. He had expected his children to be fast asleep. But they were all still awake, some looking confused about the story they’d just been told.

[A/N: Also this does not count for my 1-week-update-thing that I mentioned in my earlier post. This is just a present for you guys. It was originally part of a series I was going to do for Christmas based on all of Suju's disney personas. But I have too much to focus on right now. WDKMS II and Story that has no name yet...away!]
army of donghae

I am a failure at life and you are all wonderful

I just logged on to my tumblr and was flooded with messages asking me to update and if I was alive. I am alive. And now I feel super guilty that I haven't updated in forever. So I am going to go and watch Suju related things and get myself inspired and pumped up to write.

So I have a mission for all of you. If I have not updated any of my stories within a week, message me on tumblr and guilt me until I do. No angry messages, those make me cry and I can't type through tears. Maybe "my cat just died and your update would have made it ok but you didn't so now I am sad forever" or something like that. Those will work wonders. Currently I have WDKMS II and The Story That Has No Name Yet up on my computer and they are the two I am going to try and update. I can do this guys.

I can. Maybe. I am going to try.

Maybe send me pictures of hot men on tumblr or something. That also inspires me. Sometimes I randomly find a picture of a tattoo and it inspires me to write an entire chapter of something so really, send me anything you find interesting. Or don't send me things. You don't have to. That's totally cool too.

LH Out.
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I am having a chat session on my tumblr, for any of you who would like to ask me questions about the stories (I will answer as well as I can without spoilers, haha) or even just questions about me. I will answer every question I get. So come and hang out with me! It might just inspire me to write faster...XD

my tumblr is...HERE.
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What Doesn't Kill You Update Status

I'm halfway finished with the next chapter. I am going to try and slog through the rest of it this upcoming week but I can't make any promises. Then again, I have a lot of free time. Maybe if I write one part a day....

Also if any of you have left my comments as of late I have not seen them because livejournal will not allow me to view my inbox and I can't seem to find out why...
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I'm Not Dead

I promise, I'm still here, hahaha. The next chapter of WDKMS II is taking longer than expected because I am trying to decide which way I want to go with the plot (I had two plans so I'm trying to decide which to go with). It's also taking me a while because I have to be an adult now and do adult things, which sucks. Job hunting and all that jazz...

I am sorry to all of you who have been looking forward to updates and finding none. I promise that will change.
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University and Stuff

So, I know all of you have been hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for me to write more. >.>

Well for those of you that actually are wondering why I dropped off the face of the planet the answer is my undergraduate thesis for university. It's pretty much taken over my life this year, especially this last term and I'm about at my wits end and I can assure you than when I sit down at my computer the last thing I'm thinking about writing is some fanfiction. No, that's a lie. I think about writing it alot. But I can't. I can't and it's killing me.

But guess what?

I graduate in two weeks. Yes. I am graduating from university! *queue cheering and confetti* and that means two things. One: I have to go out and get a job now and grow up ugh no don't make me and two: MORE TIME TO WRITE! As in, more than notes for scenes in the margins of my notebook. It shall be glorious. I fell like I'm going to go on some kind of fanfiction purge where I just write and write and write. I cannot wait.

So um, yeah, just so you know. That's what's happening with my life.


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Trigger Object

I haven't written anything Super Junior in forever and this needed to be posted. The beginning of a series, depending on whether or not people enjoy it. So far there aren't any definite pairings as not all the characters are finalized, so feel free to suggest them. Also, please pardon my French (pun intended); I haven't spoken it in 4+ years so I am sure my grammar and sentence structure are horrid. If any of my readers are native French speakers, please forgive me for butchering your language, I didn't mean to.

Chapter 1

The wonderful thing about vineyards was that they, more often than not, had wine cellars. And the wonderful thing about wine cellars was that their temperature and humidity levels were quite conducive to storing ancient books. And for someone who made their living restoring rare and antiquarian tomes, there wasn’t a more ideal location.

It was for this reason that Kim Kibum found himself standing on the uneven cobblestone walkway of a bucolic vineyard nestled deep in the mountains of Ardennes, France.

It was a two-story structure with two chimneys and three upper windows. Deep green ivy had ensnared most of the home, covering the walls like a thick blanket and hiding the fact that the home had been built of gray stone the same color as the path he had just walked and the bridge that stood fifteen feet behind him above a shallow stream.

He glanced down at the scrap piece of paper held between leather-clad fingers and then at the lopsided mailbox that was quickly falling victim to the same dilapidating ivy as the house behind it. He could barely make out the faded numbers along its wooden post that confirmed that the address was the same.

He stuffed the already crumpled paper into his coat pocket and lifted his large suitcase off of the ground, walking the last few steps to the front door. It was black, and with the overhanging vines felt like the shadowed entryway of an abandoned burrow. He reached out his hand and knocked three times.

He heard rustling inside before the door creaked open and the person at the other end looked him up and down with a glance that bordered on lascivious. “Kim Kibum, I presume?” He spoke in perfect Korean, although there was a hint of an accent that came from disuse. Kibum couldn’t place the dialect.

“You must be Kim Heechul-ssi.” Kibum nodded, and did his own once-over of his new landlord.

Kim Heechul was shorter than he was, but his willowy frame made him seem taller. His hair appeared to be the color of mahogany in the faint light and was pulled back in a small ponytail. His face was thin, angular, and feminine; if Kibum hadn’t known beforehand that his landlord was a man he would have suspected the person in front of him to be a woman. He wore a loose-fitting cotton sweater and designer skinny jeans. A pair of neon-pink and green leopard print socks peeked out from his black house shoes.

“Is that your only luggage?” Heechul looked over the large leather suitcase the younger man toted.

Kibum shook his head. “My supplies should be arriving tomorrow, as well as my other bags.”

Heechul nodded absently and held the door open enough for Kibum to walk inside. He was already walking down the hallway and turned his head only to call back, “Shoes stay at the doorway. There’s an extra pair of slippers.”

Kibum closed the door behind him, awkwardly maneuvering his suitcase in the tiny space. He placed his shoes next to a pair that he assumed were Heechul’s and slipped on the gray house slippers next to them. Then he followed Heechul down the small hallway into the foyer.

“Your room is upstairs.” Heechul was saying, “The third room on the left. Put your suitcase up and come down to the kitchen. Do you like coffee or tea?”

“Coffee.” Kibum replied without thinking. There was something comfortable about Heechul. His tone wasn’t friendly; he spoke his words almost mechanically, as if he were doing it for the sake of propriety but was making a show of the fact that he didn’t mean it. It was nice to know that Heechul wasn’t going to be overbearing and overly friendly. He would mind his own business and leave Kibum to his and that was just how Kibum liked it.

Kibum located the wooden stairwell on the other side of the foyer and walked over to it, winding around expensive chairs and a teak side table with an antique oil lamp sitting atop it.

The stairs were small and they creaked under his weight. They opened up into a larger hallway; on both sides of the hallway were three doors. He went to the third room on the left and turned the discolored brass knob. It opened with the soft scrape of wood against wood and he eyed the wide arc that had been dug into the floorboards.

He placed his suitcase on the bed and listened to springs whine. The room was small, with the same stone walls that made up the rest of the house. There was space enough for a bed, an armoire, and a desk stuffed under the only window.

He didn’t bother unpacking because he knew that downstairs Heechul was making him a complimentary cup of coffee that he probably didn’t even want to make.

In the well-lit kitchen Kibum saw that Heechul’s hair was not mahogany, but rather the color of rust. He was standing behind a table that looked like it was made of old wooden planks. The kitchen was just as rustic as the bedroom, although there was a modern oven and fridge that both stuck out oddly against the vintage backdrop.

Heechul turned away from the counter holding two coffee mugs. He placed one on the table nearest to where Kibum stood, which he assumed was his seat. He pulled out the rickety old chair and swore that paint chipped off on his hand.

He sat down and waited for Heechul to do the same, his gaze trained on the white curtain clad window above the sink, watching the last bit of sunlight dip behind the tree line.

“So you were working in London,” Heechul leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers around his mug. “And you decided to come here, of all places.” He glanced surreptitiously around his own kitchen. “Obviously you’ve been inhaling too much binding glue.”

His words were clearly statements but they almost seemed to be questions. As if Kibum were compelled to give some kind of explanation, which he did. “Dr. Propokosicz from the museum suggested I come here for a change of pace. He also said that you have acquired several rare books over your travels.”

He was still unsure how Dr. Propokosicz knew Heechul. The two did not seem like they traveled in the same social circles, or even shared similar interests. Dr. Propokosicz was dry and rather dull and his only interest lay in the restoration of ancient books. How the two had even met was something Kibum couldn’t begin to imagine.

Heechul waved him off with a flippant shrug. “Collecting old things is a hobby of mine, I’m sure that there are some books mixed in with everything else.” He leaned forward, bony elbows braced on the rough wooden surface. “I tend to look at the rest of the world the same way I do wine.” His serious expression morphed into an almost mocking smile. “Everything, you see, is better with age.”

Kibum took a sip of his own coffee and winced. Too sweet.

Heechul sighed. “Speaking of wine, would you like to see the cellar?”

The wine cellar was like a time capsule. The walls were lined with stacked barrels covered in dust. Past the initial large chamber was a small hallway that split in two directions. To the right he could see another room lined with wooden wine racks. To the left was a wooden door.

Heechul pulled out a key and unlocked it. “This is one of the smaller storage rooms. I’ve cleared out everything you won’t need. There’s an outlet under the desk. This is the only room in the basement with electricity.” He slid the key carefully off of the large iron key ring. “You can go wherever you want in this house unless the door is locked.”

Kibum nodded.

“Also, don’t let the cat into the basement. He always makes a mess of things.”

That was the last Kibum saw of Heechul until dinner.


He slept surprisingly well that night. Kibum didn’t take to new places well, and he had a hard enough time sleeping in his own home. It had taken months for him to get in a solid five hours when he’d moved into his flat in London.

He woke up to sunlight in his face and a gray cat atop his chest. It stared at him with large green eyes and let out a soft meow. He groaned and reached up to push the cat off but it leapt off and darted out the door before he could comprehend that it had even moved.

He assumed this was the cat that Heechul had mentioned.

As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he got a whiff of the telltale aroma of coffee. He stumbled down the stairs in his sweatpants, too lazy and not really caring about Heechul’s opinion enough to change.

The older man was slicing a baguette when he entered. He placed it on the table and sat down before he spread his arms out, “I hope you like bread and cheese.” There was also a bowl of yogurt and some fresh berries. Kibum grabbed a piece of bread and some brie. It was a surprisingly pleasant breakfast, even if he wasn’t used to it. Even in London he tended to eat rice in the mornings by himself or, every once and a while, a bowl of cereal.

This time he poured his own coffee before Heechul could ruin it with several overzealous spoonfuls of sugar.

A honking from outside nearly made him drop his mug. Heechul raised an eyebrow, “I think that’s the rest of your supplies.” Then he went back to reading the newspaper. Kibum hadn’t expected Heechul to lend a hand, but it was still awkward to excuse himself from the table to open the front door.

The truck was parked on the other side of the bridge as it was too small for a vehicle to cross. A man was unloading several boxes and another large suitcase. He looked up as Kibum walked over. “Etes vous le proprietaire?”

Kibum blinked as he tried to recall the introductory French that had got him here from the airport. “Eh, que?” He managed.

The man pointed at the boxes. “Les boites. Sont-ils les votres boites?”

He opened his mouth to reply when another voice came from behind him. “Oui. Ils sont ses bagages. Merci monsieur.”

The man nodded gruffly before closing the back of his truck. Kibum turned to see Heechul standing behind him, holding the gray cat that had been lying on his chest earlier. Kibum went back to his boxes and paused. “One of them is missing.” He looked back at the driver. “Hey, one of my boxes is missing.”

Heechul rolled his eyes. “Monsieur. L’une des boites est manquante.”

The man waved his hands. “Ce sont les seules boites. Peut-etre qu’il viendra demain. Peut-etre qu’il a ete perdu.”

Kibum glanced at Heechul. “What did he say?”

Heechul turned back toward the house and began walking. “It will probably come tomorrow.”


He spent the rest of the day unpacking.

His clothing fit snuggly in the armoire and the battered trunk that stood at the foot of his bed. An unfinished bookcase held his books, and his laptop sat on the desk. He’d forgotten to charge his phone the night before and was now crouched next to the bed to get to the outlet behind it.

It was dusty, a thin film that meant that Heechul probably didn’t clean here very often. He gave a grunt and shimmied underneath, charger chord in hand, along with the international power strip he’d brought with him from his flat in England. When he’d first arrived it had been a nuisance not being able to plug his electronics directly into the wall, but now it had become habit.

The power strip slid in neatly and his charger followed. He fed the chord up the back of the metal bed frame between two brass bars and crawled out from under the bed. He took a few breaths of fresh air and then sneezed, dust floating off of his clothes as his body shuddered.

His cell phone screen blinked to life as he plugged it in, and he enjoyed the silence that had been destroyed by his phone’s perpetual security alarm that rang every two seconds once his phone reached its limit.

It had seemed even louder in this house. The countryside was a quiet place on its own, but this home seemed to eat up noise and then spit it back out at ten times the volume just because noise was so rare here. Kibum was convinced that Heechul floated from room to room because he never heard his footsteps but his own sounded like he’d strapped metal weights to his heels.

He closed his eyes and took a few more breaths. There, he could just make out the creak of footsteps. Heechul was upstairs walking around. Kibum opened his door and paused. There was no one there, and all the doors were firmly closed.

But it had sounded like someone had been walking right outside his bedroom door…

This house was too old. The wood and stone groaned at night. It was probably just the frame of the house shifting which, although not comforting on its own, was a valid explanation. Houses like this in Europe were older and louder than the houses in Korea, much older than his mother and father’s apartment or his flat in London.

He let out a sigh and headed downstairs. He’d placed all of the boxes for his supplies at the basement door and looked mournfully at the amount that he’d have to heft down the stairs. Heechul was sitting in the living room with a book and his cat sitting calmly on his lap. The cat watched Kibum with interest as he picked up one of the boxes and managed to turn the doorknob.

Heechul looked up from his book. “Don’t forget to close the door behind you.”

Kibum grunted and headed down into the darkness.


The last package that hadn’t arrived had been his book press and bookbinders needles, two things essential to repairing anything that needed to be repaired. It was because of this that he spent two days staring at the box of books that Heechul had found for him and was unable to open it.

In those two days he looked around the house while Heechul was out—presumably to the actual vineyard a few miles away to check on the grapes—and found that all of the rooms were unlocked except for the other bedrooms on the second floor. One of them was probably Heechul’s, but he didn’t understand why the others were also locked. He didn’t care enough to give it more than a passing thought, however.

The downstairs consisted of the foyer, kitchen, bathroom, and a small library where Heechul spent his evenings next to the fireplace—which was never lit. Behind the house was a yard that was quickly falling ruin to the forest surrounding it.

There were the remains of an old garden that lined the back of the house with a water-stained birdbath full of rainwater. In the distance he could just make out the edge of an old greenhouse hidden by foliage. If there was a path that led from the garden to the greenhouse it was long gone.

The cat, which he learned was named Heebum, liked to sun himself in the grass. He was too lazy to catch birds, but he would swat at Kibum’s ankles if he walked too close.

But Kibum could only spend so much time wandering aimlessly before he became bored and so he found himself setting up the rest of his equipment in his newly furnished “workroom”. He sat on the edge of his chair and leaned over to grab the last few items out of a box: three metal weights, two sewing frames, his collection of tacking irons, and an assortment of awls.

The light from the overhead lamp was dim and he could barely see past the edges of the desk. He turned toward the box of books that Heechul had given him. He had yet to open it, but he’d been dying to see what was inside.

The first book was an original copy of Anne of Green Gables, with the chocolate cover variant that was the rarest of the three colors that the original had come with. He held the book in awe for a moment before he placed it back. Next came a first edition of Charles Dickens’ The Cricket on the Hearth, A Fairy Tale of Home. Then an Original Manuscript Sketchbook of the H.M.S. Challenger Expedition. He felt like a kid in a candy store. Several more volumes followed, several in languages he didn’t recognize.

The language didn’t matter, however. He was holding, in his rubber glove encased hands, some of the oldest books he’d ever seen. He was rather certain that one of them was a bible from the Dark Ages.


Kibum nearly dropped the bible in his hands at the shout. Heechul stood at the top of the stairs and continued to yell down, “Your box is at the door. I’m going to town.” There was no, “do you need anything?” attached to the end, but Kibum hadn’t expected Heechul to offer anyway.

He merely placed the book back in the box it had come from and headed up the stairs. He opened the basement door just as the front door closed. He glanced out the parlor window to see Heechul throwing on a stylish jacket, a pair of car keys in his left hand.

Kibum had never seen the mysterious vehicle that Heechul drove, since the garage on the other side of the bridge was always closed. He slipped off his house slippers at the door and put on a pair of loafers he’d left nearby before opening the door.

It was chilly, and he regretted not wearing something with sleeves. He ran a hand through his hair and peered up at the sky that was much too bright. His eyes hadn’t adjusted to the brightness of the world outside of his little cellar workroom. He looked down to the large box resting a few feet away. He gave a small curse as he noticed that a corner was sinking into the mud. Dammit, he thought, can’t they be a little more professional?

He wiped the corner off and lifted the box up with a bit of difficulty. It contained his book press, which wasn’t a light piece of equipment. As he made to turn back inside he heard an engine start and looked back just in time to see Heechul pull out of the garage in a 1929 Ford Coupe.

He figured he shouldn’t have expected any differently from someone who collected antiques.

He walked back into the house and switched his shoes, barely keeping upright. He leaned the box on the edge of the coffee table in the parlor, taking a few deep breaths. The cast iron book press itself weighed 75 pounds, not to mention the miscellaneous other items he had stuffed inside.

He looked at the basement door a few feet away and sighed. He reached over and opened it, holding it open with his foot as he turned back toward the box and hefted it up. He wedged his body into the space between the door and the door-frame and managed to keep his balance before he started down in the murky half-light.

Something darted down behind him before the door closed and he cursed as he nearly tripped over Heebum as he ran between his legs and disappeared into the darkness. “Stupid cat.” He muttered. He vaguely remembered Heechul telling him that Heebum wasn’t allowed in the basement and made a mental note to get the cat after he set up his book press.

He made it to his workroom and sat the box on the chair. He opened it and looked over the press carefully. If something had broken during shipping…no, it looked like everything was in place. He placed his bookbinder needles and the small box of miscellaneous tools on the desk beside the box of books that Heechul had given him and then hefted the book press onto the empty table next to it.

He placed the empty box in the corner where he could get to it later and pulled a flashlight out of one of the desk drawers. Heechul had given it to him after saying that the power had a habit of going out for no reason. Besides, the rest of the basement was dark, and he had to go find the damn cat.

He flicked the flashlight on and headed back out into the rest of the cellar. He spent a good ten minutes looking behind dust-laden barrels before a distinct meow led him to the room filled with the wine racks. He looked around with the light before the golden beam landed on the cat. Heebum looked back at him, eyes reflecting the beam, before he turned back to the door in front of him and meowed.

Kibum hadn’t noticed this door before. Then again, he’d had no reason to enter the other sections of the wine cellar. Heebum meowed again and began scratching at the wood. Kibum tried to reach down to grab him—the last thing he needed was for Heechul to find out the cat had scratched up the door and make Kibum pay for the damages—but Heebum darted between his legs, still yowling.

Kibum reached for the handle, just for the heck of it. Maybe there was a mouse or something on the other side that the cat smelled. He tried the knob, but it wouldn’t budge.

It was locked.

He looked behind him to where he suspected that Heebum was hiding. “It’s locked, so there’s nothing I can help you with.” He felt foolish talking to a cat. “Go upstairs before I get in trouble.” But the cat merely stared at him for a few minutes before he turned toward the door and began meowing loudly.

Kibum sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets. His fingers brushed against cool metal and he pulled out the key that Heechul had given him for the small storage room. He looked at the door. They seemed to be the same model, and Heechul had said he was only prohibited from doors that were locked. Well, it wouldn’t be locked if his key opened it, right?

Of course, the last thing he needed was to open the door and have his flashlight die. This was the time in horror movies when the batteries died and the victim was killed in the darkness, right? But he was curious now. He slid the key into the keyhole and blinked. It fit perfectly. He turned it slowly and the door unlocked with a quaint click.

It pulled open and Kibum took a step back, pointing the flashlight at Heebum. “Well, it’s open. Didn’t you want in?” But the cat merely stared at him silently.
Kibum shrugged and flashed the light around the room. He almost dropped it.

The room was lined with antiques. A wooden and glass case held a multitude of old scrolls. Several chests glittered with gold leaf designs. He felt like he’d just walked into a pirate treasure cove. What kind of place was this, and why did Heechul have all of these things?

…was Heechul a grave robber? Did he loot ancient tombs? Was that the reason he had so many antiques? He swore there was a sarcophagus in the corner, but he wasn’t going to get any closer to inspect it.

What finally caught his attention, however, was a leather bound book lying on a table near a stack of old paintings. He slowly walked over. It didn’t look too remarkable from the outside, but if Heechul had kept it locked away here with the rest of this stuff it had to be rare. Kibum picked it up, afraid that he’d contaminate it with his ungloved hands.

That was when he heard movement from upstairs. He grabbed the book and hurried out of the room, locking it behind him. He stuffed the book under the rest in his work room before he grabbed Heebum. The cat let out an annoyed yowl as he headed upstairs.

Heechul walked into the living room just as Kibum closed the basement door behind him. “I grabbed him as he was coming down.”

Heechul eyed him for a moment. “I see.” He didn’t look convinced at all. He merely grabbed the cat from Kibum’s arms and headed toward the library.


There was something entirely creepy about restoring an original copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s A Cask of Amontillado in a wine cellar.

Kibum heard the basement door creak open and paused, needles held in midair.

“I’m heading out.” Heechul called down. He’d announced the day before that he’d be gone for the weekend to a wine-tasting conference. Kibum assumed this was an excuse to get drunk and say it was his job, but he didn’t mind. The house wouldn’t seem much different without him there in the first place.

“Don’t forget to feed Heebum.”

“Alright,” Kibum called up, not looking away from his work. Only a few more stitches and the binding would be good as new…how had it gotten so badly damaged in the first place? Dr. Propokosicz had given him the copy before he’d left London and he’d promised to begin working on it as soon as possible.

The door to the basement closed, the sound echoing off the wide stone walls. Kibum went back to sewing, letting out a low, heavy groan as he finished and placed his tools on the table beside him.

He rolled his shoulders, enjoying the satisfying pop that followed. He glanced at the digital clock he’d brought down the day before. 7:05pm. He’d work a bit more on fixing the original cover’s spine and then get some dinner. After that he’d come back down and finish stiffening the spine and see if it was ready to be joined back with the pages.

Four hours later he hadn’t left his work space.

The only reason he even glanced up from his work was because the light bulb in his desk lamp began flickering dangerously, threatening to blow out if he didn’t change. He reached for his flashlight just as the lamp went out, plunging him into momentary darkness.

He flicked the flashlight on and blinked away the spots that danced in front of his eyes, imprinting odd shapes into his eyelids of what had lain before him before the light had gone out. He cocked his head to the side. A book…

It had seemed so prominent a few seconds ago, but as he looked at the stack where it had seemed to come from, there were no books there that jumped out, certainly not enough to have made the color different against his eyelids so visible.

Maybe it was because the flashlight wasn’t very strong.

He turned to the supply cabinet against the wall and began rummaging through it for more light bulbs. He found a carton of them on the bottom shelf, hidden behind a box of extension cords. It took a few minutes to switch out the light bulb and as it flickered on he realized he hadn’t turned it off and could have electrocuted himself. That would have ended badly, because Heechul wouldn’t return for a few days so he’d have been stuck down there without anyone to help. Not that Heechul would have noticed if he’d been there…

With the lighting a little better, Kibum turned his attention back to the pile of books. The latex gloves itched, his skin not used to being in them for so long, but he ignored it as he ran a finger down the spine of a faded volume.

He stopped hallway down the stack, because the book had no title. It was leather bound, brown, and altogether conventional. He took it out of the stack and frowned. Recognition slowly donned. He’d taken this from Heechul’s back storeroom. He’d completely forgotten about it.

He’d half convinced himself that he’d dreamed the entire ordeal up.

The book was closed with a small brass clasp in the shaped of a gauntlet covered hand with a crescent moon design. It wasn’t locked, the hand releasing its grasp on the cover easily. Kibum swallowed, then opened the book.

The first page was blank. No title, no hastily scribbled author’s name or dedication. The next page was blank as well, except for a small Roman numeral one in the top right hand corner. That was certainly odd. The next page followed just like the first, and he frowned.

He continued flipping, and halfway through the book he realized that it was empty and his vision was blurring. He felt oddly lightheaded, and as he turned the next page he froze. The pages were black, and he found himself falling forward, eyes rolling back in his head.

Something whispered past his cheek and that was the last thing he was aware of as he fell unconscious.

He woke up to the distant meow of Heebum and a knot on the side of his head from where he’d smacked it into the edge of the table. He was lying on the workroom floor, breathing in dust. It coated his nostrils and he sneezed, sitting up. His vision swam and his head throbbed.

He must have fallen asleep sometime during the night. He glanced at the table and made sure that everyone was in order before he slowly made his way out of the room and up the stairs.

He hadn’t even noticed that the leather bound book was gone.